GlobalBase – Bringing Bitcoin and Altcoins Closer to the Global Public

Two years ago, few would have expected the cryptocurrency market capitalization to reach over $2 trillion. However, as more and more capital poured into the industry, valuations embarked on a massive bull run, which drove both Bitcoin and the altcoins market to new extremes.

Now that the trend seems to be maturing, market participants need new ways to take advantage of it, even when prices are falling, and GlobalBase is a brand providing a solution. This is an online trading platform specializing in crypto and promising a series of features that should satisfy even the most fastidious users.

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The GlobalBase Platform

Built for a dynamic trading environment like digital assets, the GlobalBase platform ensures a safe and competitive solution for those who want to trade this market. Packed with a user-friendly interface, advanced analysis tools, market news, price alerts, and other benefits, it strives to be the #1 choice for those wanting an account focused 100% on the crypto sphere.

GlobalBase has apparently brought all its expertise to the table when designing this platform, and the result is a web-based solution that does not require any installation, compatible with any type of device. Traders can monitor markets from home, the office, or on the go only with a simple login.

Cryptocurrency Coverage

Offering access to a variety of cryptocurrencies is part of GlobalBase’s mission. The lack of competitiveness on this matter coming from other brokers was an incentive and now traders choosing this brand have the ability to buy or sell-short a generous list of crypto assets.

They are able to trade using flexible margins and trading costs, while also benefiting from the accurate trade execution made possible thanks to the advanced technologies used. GlobalBase is offering only crypto trading, which means that traders who want an account solely for digital assets will find the infrastructure appropriate.

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Customer Service

Transparency is a key feature of this brand, as it shares all the relevant information. To find out more about GlobalBase, users can visit its website. That is where they can also contact the customer support, which is available from Monday to Friday via email.

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It is possible to fill an inquiry form and once a representative reads it, they will reply via email or phone in due time. This isn’t a service solely for registered customers. Any person who wishes to talk to a customer support agent before opening an account is free to do it.

Clients benefit from a personal account assistant which will provide guidance anytime it is needed. GlobalBase cares about its customers and that is why it is now witnessing a broader exposure in the online world.


Following the crypto market for the long run at a time of great uncertainty can be stressful for many people. The services provided by GlobalBase enable short-term trading, which makes it irrelevant whether the market heads higher or embarks on a new bull run. Users can flexibly adapt to changing market dynamics and place trades in the dominant direction.


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