FunFair adds support for Binance Smart Chain into its gaming wallet solution

FunFair Technologies, a gaming platform powered by blockchain, has announced that it now offers support for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) within its FunFair Wallet solution. Going forward, any developer building a dApp in the Binance ecosystem; can implement FunFair’s gaming-oriented integrated wallet.

“FunFair fundamentally believes in a truly decentralised approach to blockchain. But in the short to medium term, Binance serves a beneficial function. Thanks to its origin as an Ethereum clone, it’s a relatively low learning process for current developers to build on if familiar with Ethereum. Further, DApp developers can develop and get their products out to market without being cost-prohibitive. And while we will continue to build support into our wallet for other blockchains such as xDai or L2 solutions like optimism; we want to give DApp developers the best chance to succeed. And that ultimately means supporting Binance Smart Chain; as it has one of the fastest-growing ecosystems outside of Ethereum.”
– The FunFair Team

FunFair Wallet offers integrated Uniswap, fiat, and crypto payments to power any DApp’s needs.



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