FORSAGE Users Make Half A Billion USD In Six Months

Nearly $500,000,000 in six months – this is how much FORSAGE users have earned on the Ethereum blockchain, apart from their income on the TRON blockchain.

Not every platform can boast such figures! Considering that a couple of months ago FORSAGE was accused of being similar to a Ponzi scheme and was even named the reason for the collapse of the ETH network, the figures look even more impressive.

Almost a million ethers have been distributed by FORSAGE smart contract, and this can be easily tracked with the Etherscan blockchain reviewer. The Ethereum network is decentralized and transparent, and you can check the volume of FORSAGE transactions just by clicking FORSAGE Etherscan link > > There are already more than 3.5 million transactions at the moment, and every day 700-800 new transactions of different volumes (from 0.05 to 50 ETH, and more) are being made.

FORSAGE has been one of the most debated and controversial financial platforms in 2020. Some call it a scam, or a Ponzi scheme. However, the platform is decentralized, and the developers have no access to users’ money. In FORSAGE, the distribution of funds is managed by an automated smart contract, and all transactions can be tracked. Thus, the figures are not invented out of thin air – they are taken from the history of transactions in the ETH blockchain network.

Some time ago, the authors of the FORSAGE idea have announced the upcoming expansion of marketing on Ethereum blockchain and the launch of the xGOLD program on this network. There’s every chance that a successful launch will increase the popularity of the FORSAGE platform on ETH, and consequently the income of its users.

xGOLD on ETH will be almost identical to xGOLD on TRON in terms of marketing. But it is important to take into account that the Ethereum audience is dramatically bigger than the TRON audience. And with the launch of Ethereum 2.0, the platform will inevitably take its significant place in ETH infrastructure. It was the platform operation in the TRON network that allowed the developers to gain enough experience and find a solution that eventually allowed them to implement xGOLD on ETH. At first, it was literally impossible to do it since the capabilities of the smart contract were limited. As you know, all blockchain transactions are recorded once and forever in a ledger and stored in millions of copies until the world ends. To make this possible, the programming language has been optimized and simplified as much as possible by its developers. These technical limitations made it impossible to implement all the features of xGOLD marketing on ETH blockchain. The queries consisted of long data arrays, therefore, the transactions were heavy and expensive (way more expensive than ordinary transactions between crypto wallets). When it came to the TRON blockchain, the developers managed to optimize queries and find a brand new solution. A new personal smart contract is generated for each new xGOLD user, and this contract works with this user only to ensure a correct execution of the xGOLD payout scheme.

Quick reminder: the first block in the Ethereum 2.0 network has already been mined. The launch of the new long-awaited network opens up huge prospects and definitely secures further growth of activity with Ether. The blockchain in its current state clearly doesn’t have enough scalability to efficiently handle the huge number of transactions that are being made 24/7. New mechanisms that will resolve this issue are underway.

Distributed financial platforms are continuing to gain importance. At the end of the day, everyone wants to manage their funds themselves to know exactly what’s going on with them, instead of entrusting intermediaries with them. In this light, the growth of the total number of transactions on the Ether blockchain is quite understandable.


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