FORSAGE.IO Arrives On TRON Blockchain

In August the commission fees on the Ethereum blockchain hit an all-time high – transaction cost surpassed $10, some users report seeing a figure of $200 and even $400, while transaction speed slowed down to hours and even days.

By mid-September this situation still hadn’t fully resolved, so made a decision to launch an alternative version on the TRON blockchain.

The launch has already happened – the FORSAGE smart contract on the TRON blockchain is now available at However, upon request from many FORSAGE members that are still interested in working with that platform, the marketing program on Ethereum keeps running, after all, the authors of the idea behind the project have always made it a priority to take into account everyone’s interests.

The final incentive to launch was the rising price of commission fees on the ETH network – in a community where the entry threshold is just 0.05 ETH (roughly $17), commission fees of $10 are simply unacceptable. By branching out on the TRON network and becoming independent from the Ethereum blockchain, the platform made another step towards full decentralization.

“We’ve seen difficulties on the ETH network before”, says Lado Okhotnikov, one of the authors of the idea behind the FORSAGE project. “From the start we strived to make Forsage available to the largest possible number of people from all around the globe, and we’ve made another step towards achieving this goal. Yes, difficulties and congestion are not alien to the ETH network, but now we can offer our community an alternative that will help keep things going during hard times. By the way, it is our community that asked us to launch the platform on the TRON blockchain and give people a new opportunity. We simply listened to their requests.

FORSAGE on TRON will originally offer its users the same two programs they know from ETH: x3 and x4. Within the next few days this selection will be updated with another program that is in its final stages of development. The program will be titled xGOLD. The launch date and other details will be announced separately. Currently the entry threshold is set at 200TRX, after xGOLD is launched, the threshold will be increased to 400TRX (approx. $16).

TRON is one of the largest, fastest and cheapest blockchain systems in the world, capable of processing up to 2000 transactions per second (for example, ETH can process up to 20 transactions per second). Network fees are minimal, and besides, TRON developers are always working on making them cheaper: the network allows every user up to perform 15 simple transactions for free.


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