Financial blockchain Findora opens applications for $5M grant program

Findora, a decentralized financial network for issuing confidential assets and smart contracts, has announced the launch of its funding program for research grants related to the blockchain ecosystem.

Those interested in participating must submit their initial proposal to qualify for minimum funding of $20,000 – up to a maximum of $2 million – for each nominated project.

“At Findora we are excited to support communities that innovate. With this grants program, we are supporting the professional growth of developers through the development and maintenance stages of their proposals.”
– The Findora Team

Types of Project Eligible For The Findora Research Grants

Findora Research Grants will include multiple rounds and will be delivered to projects that primarily excel in the use of sophisticated cryptographic techniques such as DEX that avoid front-running attacks, through the use of confidential transfer and delay functions and ZK-Rollup performance enhancements.

There will be no deadline to apply for grant rounds under the Findora Research Grant program. This provides equal opportunities for all nominated projects, regardless of geographic location.

Open Grant Categories

See below the list of some of the available categories for ongoing, open Findora Research Grants:

Open Banking

  • Build an open banking platform on Findora. Users of Open banking platforms built on Findora can seamlessly and privately transfer financial history between banks (using Findora’s proprietary ‘financial passport’ feature). Furthermore, developers can create feature-complete banking interfaces without worrying about a siloed and inefficient backend.

P2P Lending Platforms

  • Build a P2P lending platform on Findora. Any lending platform operating on Findora can be both publicly audited for basic compliance as well as privately audited by regulators with tiered levels of access to granular information.

Stablecoins and Digital Assets

  • Issue digital assets such as stablecoins on Findora. Once issued on Findora, assets can be easily traded on either private or public marketplaces.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

  • Build a decentralized exchange on Findora. Any DEX built on Findora can enable transparent transactions that simultaneously preserve the confidentiality of both users and their transaction details. Subject to compliance with laws and regulations, these marketplaces will provide liquidity opportunities for asset issuers and increase the accessibility of unique assets.

Synthetics and Derivatives

  • Create a robust platform for decentralized synthetics and derivatives trading on Findora.

Other examples of applications that can be built on Findora and are eligible for open Findora Research Grants include block explorers and wallets.

How The Grants Program Works

Projects submitted through the Findora Research Grants program will be evaluated by a consensus process which comprises a panel of experts made up of the Findora Foundation team and its academic allies, who are experts in cryptography and economics

Findora will contribute the grant funds among the winning project teams in each round.

Those interested in submitting their project for a grant, can register their proposal here.


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