Filecoin Frontier Accelerator unveils 11 startups to each receive initial $20K

Filecoin Frontier Accelerator, powered by LongHash Ventures, and supported by Protocol Labs, Fenbushi Capital, and HashKey Capital, announced its launch with 11 startups accepted into the program. Shortlisted projects will each receive USD $20,000 in grant support, and are also considered for further funding opportunities from a USD $1.5 million investment pool, of which $1 million is committed by both Fenbushi Capital and HashKey Capital.

Commenting on the program launch, Colin Evran, Ecosystem Lead at Protocol Labs, said, “Filecoin Frontier is part of a series of 2021 hackathons and accelerators that onboard thousands of talented developers and entrepreneurs to the growing Filecoin ecosystem. The applications and projects launching on IPFS & Filecoin through these programs are forming the key pillars of Web 3.0, moving humanity towards a faster, safer and more resilient web.”

The accelerator program, which starts February, 2nd 2021, and runs until April 2021, features the following 11 startups:

  • Atomica, an automated insurance markets platform for decentralized finance;
  • Curio Digital, a marketplace for tokenized digital collectibles;
  • Filbox, a cloud service provider that helps users encrypt, analyze, visualize, and monetize data;
  • Huddle01, an online classroom platform optimized for video conference engagement;
  • Myel, a community-powered content delivery network;
  • NonEntropy Tech, a video-focused online learning platform;
  • Numbers Protocol, which helps users create tamper-proof records of media content;
  • OPgames, a suite of tools that enables multiplayer competitions in single-player games;
  • Ownership Labs, an open data marketplace for secure, verifiable, private data computations;
  • Vera AI, a service for verifiable enterprise background checks and identity combining blockchain and AI;
  • Sinso Technology, a medical imaging data aggregator that enables telemedicine and AI diagnosis;

“We are passionate about delivering a more secure and fair Internet, and our partnership with Filecoin is a key one as we venture build Web 3.0. Asia continues to set the pace for blockchain adoption and application, and we’re thrilled to ignite the journey of these startups as they translate their ideas into reality. Web 3.0 holds great promise for the ambitious and the talented, and this is only the beginning as we build the next digital civilization.” Emma Cui, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner at LongHash Ventures, added.

Over the span of the next 12 weeks, projects will be provided with end-to-end support in areas including strategy formulation, go-to-market execution, and subject matter guidance for technological mentorship, token economics, marketing, and fundraising. Filecoin Frontier Accelerator has also onboarded notable mentors including UNICEF Ventures, HashKey Digital Asset Group, and NGC Ventures.


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