European crypto exchange Bitpanda now regulated in France

Bitpanda, a European-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange has informed that it’s now regulated in France. As of Friday, December 18th, 2020, Bitpanda became registered with the AMF and therefore is regulated in France. This means that Bitpanda’s services are registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the Financial Markets Authority of France.

“France is taking a special position as a frontrunner in this space, as a common European regulatory framework for digital assets is in the works. As Bitpanda is an entity that is offering services to users with French residency enabling them to hold, buy and sell digital assets such as Bitcoin, registration with the AMF is a requirement to be in full compliance. Legislation in France regarding ICOs with digital assets went into effect in 2019 pursuant to the PACTE law, which was passed to protect consumers and provide a positive framework for ethical entities to exist and grow. The PACTE law was pioneering legislation in the European crypto space, allowing for the recognition of serious actors in the industry and is a milestone in terms of promoting innovation and financial technology.”
– The Bitpanda Team

Source: Bitpanda


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