Ethereum/Polkadot smart contract platform Moonbeam launches grant program

Moonbeam, the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot, has announced the Moonbeam Grants Program. The Moonbeam Grants Program is part of Moonbeam’s multi-chain vision. This program aims to fund Web3 software development and projects that contribute to the growth of the Moonbeam ecosystem.

Moonbeam is a smart contract platform that makes the implementation process easier for Ethereum developers and projects that want to expand to Polkadot. By minimizing the changes required to run existing Solidity smart contracts on the new network, Ethereum projects can simply replicate their dApp and deploy it to Moonbeam using MetaMask, Truffle, Remix, and other familiar tools.

There are two categories of projects that can apply:

  • Tools and infrastructure: Projects that support tools and infrastructure development that other Moonbeam developers need. The program is also looking for projects that can fill existing tool gaps to increase the portfolio of tools and maximize benefits for users. Some examples include wallets, browsers, and API services.
  • Ecosystem projects: Projects that support the development of the ecosystem in Moonbeam through a wide range of use cases such as DeFi, NFT, identity, games, insurance, and more. This category aims to seed the Moonbeam ecosystem by providing useful services and utility on the web.

These are some benefits that the Moonbeam Grant Program offers:

  • Funding with native Moonbeam tokens (Glimmer – GLMR). The token is not released yet.
  • Developer tools and resources.
  • Communication and direct support.
  • End to end support from the building process to the technical and commercial strategy.
  • Recognition as Grant Winner.

Registrations for the first cohort of projects are now open until the end of March 2021.


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