Dogecoin Value Stagnates at $11bn, Traders Get Bullish On Everlodge (ELDG) And Stacks (STX)

After a recent bull run, Dogecoin is stagnating. The project’s value has increased just 2.8% in the last week, causing some investors to look for more lucrative projects. 

Two projects that have caught their attention are Everlodge and Stacks. Everlodge is expected to offer significant returns during its presale, while bearish analysts predict that Stacks could hit $1 by the end of 2023. 

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Traders Are Bullish About The Everlodge Presale

The Everlodge beta phase presale has sold over 50% of its supply in just a few days. As one of the most highly anticipated projects in the market, Everlodge is expected to surge by 280% during its presale, with token holders being granted a number of rewards throughout the project’s ecosystem. 

Everlodge looks to disrupt the travel property market. It lets investors fractionally invest in properties such as luxury villas, vacation homes, and even hotels using NFT technology. 

Instead of paying a large upfront sum, investors can buy an NFT that represents a fraction of the property. For example, an investor can buy an NFT that represents 10% of a $1 million luxury villa for $100,000. They will then generate a passive income from this villa, and their NFT will increase in value based on the villa’s price. 

Everlodge also introduces an innovative launchpad for developers and a rewards club as part of its ecosystem. Both of these will provide investors with lucrative earning opportunities, allowing them to diversify their portfolios. 

To ensure investor safety, Everlodge has locked its liquidity pool for 8 years. Furthermore, it has also passed audits by BlockAudit. 

The Everlogde team has been KYC audited by BlockAudit, and its liquidity pool is locked for 8 years to prevent a rug pull. 

Investors who purchase ELDG tokens during the presale will be eligible for a number of bonuses, with 1st round investors earning a 30% bonus. Tokens are currently selling at $0.01 during the beta phase of the Everlodge presale. Though, with over 50% of the rounds supply already sold, token value is expected to increase soon. 

Stacks Looks To Recover After July Decline

Stacks experienced a sharp decline in July. Its value crashed by 7.54%, causing Stacks’ daily trading volume to drop. Now, analysts believe that Stack could surge in August. With much of the market recovering, Stacks is in a strong position to capitalize on the market’s growth. 

Stacks is currently trading at $0.5807 per token, though experts believe that Stacks could hit $1 by the end of 2023. Such an increase would almost double investors’ money, which has dramatically increased the demand for Stacks. 

Dogecoin Stagnates After Recent Bull Run  

Dogecoin has increased in value by 18.39% over the last month. This rise has been caused by an increase in demand for memecoins. However, Dogecoins returns are starting to slow down. 

While Stacks and Everlodge prepare for additional growth, Dogecoin has increased by just 2.80% over the last week. Experts believe Dogecoin’s slowing growth is due to its lack of development. 

The Dogecoin ecosystem remains somewhat stagnant, with no developments or announcements being made over the last quarter. As a result, investors are unsure as to whether or not Dogecoin will succeed in the future. 

Due to this uncertainty, some investors are now moving away from Dogecoin to reduce risk and optimize their portfolios. 

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