Crypto services platform NetCents expands scope with launch of NFT division

NetCents, a cryptocurrency payments & services company, today announced progress in its entry into the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) space. The company is continuing to work with its partner, The Human Interest Group, in developing its launch NFTs.

The Human Interest Group brings decades of sports business experience, working with world-class athletes and various teams in the NFL, NHL, and MLB. NetCents is working on large consumer product opportunities to tie in with branded athletes or products in developing tokens that assist in verifying authenticity or official ties into celebrity athletes.

“The use cases and synergy of Non-Fungible Tokens as a paired product with the company’s wallets, exchanges, and asset management are a natural fit,” stated Clayton Moore, Founder, and CEO of NetCents Technology. “When packaged together, it’s a gamechanger, closing the loop for sports business. Athletes to Brands to Consumers.”

NFTs + NetCents

In collaboration with The Human Interest Group, NetCents has identified the opportunity to work with key athletic personalities to bring merchants and athletes from around the world together in a specially designed ecosystem enabling athletes, and ultimately their fans, to be part of combining their love for sports, and trading of unique sports paraphernalia.

“We are thrilled with NetCents’ commitment to integrating NFTs into their already top-class cryptocurrency offerings,” commented Franko Vatterott, Founder of the Human Interest Group. “For so many years, our company has focused on crafting authentic partnerships between our professional Athlete clients and their chosen brand partners. NFT’s open a new, technological landscape for multiple layers of the sports business, and it’s is going to be significant.”

“The growth of the NFT is as important as the creation of the smart contract as an enhancement of the traditional Bitcoin technologist,” added Mr. Moore. “We are putting massive resources behind this as part of our transaction ecosystem strategy. New use cases for NFTs are being created daily – and because of their very nature, there will be more NFTs than altcoins within months.”

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) contain identifying information recorded in their smart contracts. It’s this information that makes each NFT different and as such, they cannot be directly replaced by another token. They cannot be swapped like for like, as no two are alike. Banknotes or bitcoin, in contrast, can be simply exchanged one for another, if they are the same value, there is no difference to the holder.



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