Crypto Sentiment Turns Bullish as Solana Takes Off and Bitcoin Spark Hints Super Bonus During End

The crypto bear market that began in 2022 is finally showing signs of termination after being reinforced by several bearish factors, including the collapse of large cryptocurrency ecosystems and organizations alongside increased regulatory scrutiny. Macroeconomic indicators and recent technical analysis indicate an ongoing sentiment transformation in the crypto market following increased bullish activities as bears excuse bulls. The long-awaited and highly coveted bull market could change the lives of Solana and Bitcoin Spark investors.

Will Solana Go up?

Solana is a smart contract DeFi platform that challenges the Web3 giant Ethereum. The platform’s native digital currency, SOL, was derailed from its uptrend by the bears after its involvement and close relationship with the now-defunct crypto exchange FTX. However, mid-November saw Solana gain attention after reaching the $50 mark, a price tag that its community members had not witnessed in nearly 18 months. The digital asset’s unexpected surge happened rapidly due to the instant inflow of institutional investors in the ecosystem. The sudden surge attracted retail investors who could benefit from the current SOL discounted prices. Due to this investor influx, analysts indicate that Solana could be on an upward trajectory to challenge its all-time high price of $260, recorded nearly two years ago. With the onset of the bull market, the digital asset could record new highs sooner than cryptocurrency enthusiasts anticipate.

What is Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)?

Bitcoin Spark is a BTC hard fork offering a more conducive smart contract platform for Web3 activities. The native virtual currency of the platform is BTCS. The fork is introducing a high-performance blockchain that supports high-speed transactions at a relatively cheaper rate than the industry standards of smart contracting platforms like Ethereum and Solana. While Solana aims to dethrone Ethereum, Bitcoin Spark aims to cut across Bitcoin and Ethereum to ensure the entire DeFi ecosystem develops efficiently with minimal challenges. Bitcoin Spark’s founders address the challenges that not only Bitcoin and Ethereum have. Their invention is designed to introduce real-world applications that the entire industry needs.

For instance, the industry’s main challenges are low transaction speeds, high gas fees, scalability, and centralization. The Bitcoin Spark network will utilize modern technology to reach transaction finality faster than most DeFi blockchains. Networks like Bitcoin use an old-generation blockchain that manages a slow transaction speed of only seven transactions per second TPS. This speed dramatically increases network clogs and causes increased transaction costs. The Bitcoin Spark will have increased node operators with low running costs to effectively finalize transactions, making the network rank among the fastest in the industry. The developers also intend to make the network gas-free by introducing external income sources to replenish BTCS mining pools. By making the network gas-free, the platform will attract more developers and community members and thus promote DeFi growth further.

Bitcoin Spark Unveils an Exclusive Bonus Event

Bitcoin Spark is currently in phase 10 of its ongoing presale. The devs are giving out BTCS tokens to investors at a reduced rate of $3.75 per token and a 4% bonus for all purchases made before the end of the event. Each BTCS will be worth $10 on November 30th when the digital asset makes a grand debut on major cryptocurrency exchanges Uniswap and, giving investors an easy 277% gain.

In addition to the ICO bonus, the team will soon begin a groundbreaking bonus giveaway for existing and new community members. The bonus will be announced soon on Bitcoin Spark’s official social media channels, including X (former Twitter). Users who want to unwrap the bonuses should follow the social media channels to get notified when the giveaway begins. By participating in the final giveaway event, investors will now have a chance to spark their crypto journey with more gains.

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