Crypto exchange now supports instant USD settlement on the Silvergate Exchange Network, a popular bitcoin/crypto exchange company, today announced it has completed integration with Silvergate Bank’s Settlement Network Exchange (SEN), an internal settlement platform developed by Silvergate Bank. Liquid Users depositing USD via SEN will have funds credited and available for trading at Liquid Exchange near real-time 24/7.

When is the SEN automation available to Liquid users?

  • Automated USD deposits are live since 31st March 2021.
  • Automated USD withdrawals will be available in April 2021.

“Integration of SEN will be key to Liquid’s Stablecoin Exchange Initiative. Clients will be able to trade fiat and stablecoins 24/7. Some of the ways in which SEN integration will help accelerate the growth of stablecoin initiative on Liquid will be risk-free arbitrage opportunities and state-of-the-art market access.”
– The Team


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