Cross-chain platform Biconomy live on Moonriver to offer gasless transactions to dApp devs

Biconomy, a cross-chain transaction infrastructure platform, announced today integration with Moonriver, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract blockchain environment on the Kusama (KSM) network.

Moonriver is intended to function as the “canary network” for Moonbeam on Polkadot, meaning that the new code would ship to Moonriver first, where it can be tested and verified under real economic conditions, before being shipped on Moonbeam.

Both Biconomy and Moonriver share a pursuit of ‘ease of development’ for developers and projects…

As Moonbeam’s community-led sister network on Kusama Moonriver operates as a parachain to help crypto projects expand their reach to new markets with a multi-chain approach.

The developer-friendly design and implementation of Moonriver have made it a destination for both new and established dApps alike.

On Biconomy blockchain developers are provided a simplified onboarding and transaction experience for users of Web 3.0 and blockchain projects. It does this through robust APIs that remove many of the complexities that are inherent to Web 3.0 applications.

“Although cross-chain systems have continued to gain popularity and traction, the industry still requires a comprehensive interoperability solution that allows blockchain to reach its full potential. We are extremely excited to expand our efforts in addressing one of the biggest struggles faced by developers, dealing with gas fees alongside the team at Moonbeam.”
– Ahmed Al-Balaghi, CEO of Biconomy

By working closely with Moonbeam, Biconomy’s APIs will eliminate many of the complexities that are inherent to Web3 projects, connecting Polkadot and Moonbeam to the larger cross-chain DeFi world.



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