COQ INU Skyrockets By 60000% In Price Since Listing, Being Triggered By Massive Whale Accumulation News 

In a crypto whirlwind, COQ INU, a meme token thriving on the Avalanche blockchain, has become the talk of the town with an astonishing 60000% surge since its listing.

Despite being exclusively available on one exchange, the meme coin has managed to capture the attention of the crypto community.

Recent revelations on X by Lookonchain shed light on the substantial accumulation of COQ tokens. Two wallets, holding a combined total of 2.25 trillion $COQ, have emerged as the second and third largest holders of the token. This development hints at significant interest from whales, adding a layer of intrigue to COQ INU’s meteoric rise.

2.25 Trillion COQ Bought, Valuer At $1.48 Million 

A noteworthy maneuver unfolded when a trader, potentially an insider, executed a transfer of 140 $AVAX ($3,680) across 14 new wallets. This strategic move was accompanied by a substantial purchase of 2.25 trillion $COQ, currently valued at $1.48 million. In an impressive feat, the trader realized an unrealized profit of approximately $1.47 million in less than four days.

Dubbed as “The Meme Coin of the Chad Chain,” COQ INU has yet to attract the attention of major investors and traders. Notably, the token operates without a formal team or roadmap, adding an element of mystery to its rapid ascent.

As COQ INU continues to make waves in the crypto sphere, the absence of a traditional structure raises questions about its long-term trajectory. The surge in value, coupled with whale accumulation, has positioned COQ INU as a captivating player in the meme token arena, leaving the crypto community eager to see how this unconventional journey unfolds.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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