Constellation launches Stargazer, a cross-blockchain browser extension wallet

Constellation, a distributed ledger technology platform built with the directed acyclic graph (DAG) protocol, today announced the launch of Stargazer, a cross-chain functional wallet for the future of an interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

The Stargazer wallet, created by Stardust Collective, is a browser extension wallet for holding and transacting $DAG tokens, with $LTX and ERC20 support to be added in the very near future.

Stargazer Wallet will soon be available on Google Chrome, with plans to add support for other browsers (e.g. Firefox) as well.

Initial Stargazer wallet release includes:

  • Seed Phrase –  Add a 12-word seed phrase to a $DAG wallet for added security and ease of use.
  • Multiple addresses within the same wallet – Keep privacy by diversifying holdings amongst several addresses within the same wallet.
  • Send and Receive $DAG –  $DAG can be sent to/from an exchange, an existing Molly wallet address, or between different addresses within a user’s Stargazer wallet.
  • QR code for ease of use – Send $DAG tokens by simply scanning the generated QR code on the exchange mobile phone application.
  • Transaction History – Keep track of all incoming and outgoing transactions under the Activity feed.
  • Link to $DAG Explorer to each Transaction – When clicking on a transaction in the Activity feed, users can check the status in $DAG Explorer, which will open up a new tab in the browser.

Coming Next

  • Contacts – Have a frequently used address for sending $DAG tokens? Users will be able to add/edit/remove addresses for ease of use.
  • Import single private key account – If a user has a wallet with multiple addresses, this feature will allow them to import an individual address, via a private key, rather than importing all the existing addresses linked to a wallet.

Coming Soon

  • Cross-chain compatibility with the Ethereum Network – Store, transact, and interact with ETH/ERC-20 tokens. This is the first step to making the Stargazer wallet compatible with multiple chains within the crypto ecosystem.
  • Authenticate for Validator Node Management – $DAG Node Operators will be able to interact with and manage their nodes by authenticating actions on their connected Stargazer Wallet.

Constellation is a distributed network that enables fast, scalable solutions for organizations that need to process and transfer data securely and build interoperability for connected sensors and devices. As computing moves increasingly to the edge, Constellation provides the only scalable, secure solution for a world with more connectivity, more centralization, and more concentrated risk.



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