Chainlink, Apecoin, and KangaMoon Bulls Gathering Pace, Is It Sustainable?

Chainlink has made incredible progress in the past few months with bullish momentum reported on the monthly and weekly chart. Similarly, Apecoin is also gathering pace after experiencing a bearish challenge in the past four weeks. 

As for KangaMoon, analysts have picked it as one of the top altcoins to invest in after giving early buyers massive ROI. While these tokens are experiencing rallies, there is a potential for a pullback at some point. However, their sustainability may depend on how they can quickly rebound after any setback.

KangaMoon Token Appreciates by 400%. Can It Continue On This Trajectory?

With Apecoin and Chainlink having bullish momentum, KangaMoon’s recent increases have sparked a debate about its sustainability. With a 400% surge in less than 6 months, KangaMoon is one of the top altcoins that has given investors so much profit. Despite the fears about its sustainability in the longer term, analysts believe the token has what it takes to continue the bullish pattern.

Many of the analysts point to KangaMoon’s actual utility which is lacking in many tokens. With a two-in-one real utility encompassing both GameFi and SocialFi, KangaMoon is building a strong community for meme enthusiasts. Furthermore, experts opined that KangaMoon’s huge community base is a key factor that can sustain the bullish sentiment.

With more than 32,000 users and about 10,000 holders promoting the platform, the native token will continue to gain traction, keeping the altcoin price up. The tendency to lure investors with high returns on investment can also bring more prosperity to KangaMoon, which can increase its presale funding from the current $7 million to $8 million. 

Also, the KangaMoon staking dApp is a motivating factor for investors intending to earn profit through staking. This brightens the mood around the ecosystem and can bring more loyal users to the community. With these exciting opportunities, features, and achievements, KangaMoon is a sustainable investment and could be one of the altcoins to watch in the bull market.

Can Chainlink Continue the Bullish Momentum?

Chainlink has had a massive price action in recent times, which has raised the issue of sustainability. As one of the ranking cryptos in the altcoin market, Chainlink’s price has moved up by 170% in the past year. That has continued in the monthly chart with an increase of 14%. The Chainlink market cap also attracts bullish movement with a climb above $10 billion.

Going deeper, Chainlink token maintains a giant stride in its trading outlook with more than 10 technical indicators showing a greenish pattern. With Chainlink’s versatility across the DeFi sector, the present momentum appears sustainable, making it one of the altcoins to watch in Q3. 

Apecoin Price Begins To Surge. Can it Sustain the Momentum?

Apecoin’s trajectory since the past year came with a loss of 60%. However, the Apecoin token has turned bullish in recent times with the monthly price chart recording a slight increase. However, the big win comes from the Apecoin market cap which is moving towards $1 billion.

The bullish run is also extended to the Apecoin technical indicators with the majority of them indicating green signs. Besides, Apecoin has a weekly upward movement of 3%, indicating that the token may sustain its newfound momentum ahead of the bull market.

Apecoin vs Chainlink vs KangaMoon, Which of Them Will Return Higher Profits in Q3

Apecoin, Chainlink, and KangaMoon have all made breakthroughs in the past few weeks. However, the issue of witnessing a rally could depend on a lot of factors such as market sentiments, bulls’ fightback, and the general momentum of the altcoin market. With the bull market now closer than ever, the token may witness a rally soon. However, KangaMoon’s upcoming listing might trigger a 10x rally, leading to massive returns for holders. 

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