Celestia (TIA) Indicate Positive Price Swings, Kaspa (KAS) Down, Pullix (PLX) to End Presale in 30 Days

In the battle against bear pressure, Celestia (TIA) and Kaspa (KAS) have witnessed contrasting price performances. While Celestia (TIA) has shrugged off the bear pressure with signs of bullish momentum, Kaspa (KAS) is heading for a resurgence with signs of a potential rally in sight. Amidst these developments, the Pullix (PLX) exciting and highly successful presale is coming to an end in 30 days. The Pullix project is one of the best DeFi projects projected for substantial growth by crypto analysts in the year. 

Pullix Raise $4.8 Million, Sets to End Presale in 30 Days

While Celestia and Kaspa are experiencing contrasting fortunes in the market, the Pullix presale is set to end in 30 days. The project has gained huge attention from crypto investors who see its potential to become one of the best DeFi projects in the crypto market.

Since the start of the presale, Pullix has raised $4.8 million with 15,000 users joining the platform. Through its hybrid nature, Pullix is set to rival many centralized and decentralized exchanges by providing liquidity and enabling faster transactions. The platform also offers lower commissions on transactions and a profit share model for the users of the platform. The profit share model ensures token holders get a share of the platform’s daily revenue. Users will also earn by providing liquidity to the platform’s automated market makers.

Pullix also allows investors to hold keys to their assets by eliminating third-party infringement thereby fostering trust and transparency. Because of these exciting features, Pullix has been listed on CoinGecko and has sold more than 80M PLX tokens since the start of the presale. The Pullix platform is in the last 2 stages of the presale, with the platform set to launch in 30 days. There is also a token burn feature to remove the non purchased tokens from circulation.

Investors can enjoy a 10% bonus when they purchase the PLX token at its current price of $0.10. By purchasing this top crypto in the presale, investors can enjoy the projected 100x return when the project launches on exchanges. Users could take this bonus opportunity to position themselves for a huge profit that is coming soon. In terms of security, the smart contract has passed security audits by InterFi Network while the KYC has been verified by the BlockAudit team.

Celestia Indicates Positive Price Actions

Celestia (TIA) has undergone remarkable improvement as the token works its way up the crypto ladder. Last month, the Celestia token price skyrocketed by 37% as the token reached a new all-time high of $20.26. The recent Celestia improvement even when most coins are down is a result of its partnership with crypto giants to foster more community adoption.

Analysts reports suggest that Celestia may continue its bullish momentum with its modular data availability network getting more adoption. As such, some analysts have predicted the price of Celestia coin to reach $25 in Q1 of 2024.

Kaspa Down by 13% in One Month as Bears Dominate the Crypto Market

Kaspa (KAS) ended 2023 on a high note with the token reaching its all-time high of $0.154 in November. However, Kaspa’s trajectory since then has shifted from the bulls’ dominance to the prevalent bear pressure with Kaspa losing 13% of its price value in the past four weeks.

Looking at the Kaspa trading charts reveals that the token has also dropped below the 50-day EMA. With the relative strength index (RSI) also falling to the bearish trendline, the Kaspa price could reach a new low in the coming days.

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