Bitcoin Users Can Now Enjoy ForkLog’s Lightning Network Node

08.02.2019 ForkLog is happy to announce that our own Lighting node is now live and running. The setup has been completed and the node can be found at “We decided to launch our own Lightning Network node because we really want to support this technology focused on enabling micro transactions in Bitcoin network,” said […]

Abra’s Crypto App Introduces Bitcoin Investment Option for Stocks and ETFs

07.02.2019 U.S.-based digital wallet Abra has introduced new features enabling global investors in 155 countries to invest in shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) using Bitcoin (BTC). The app already offers investment in 50 fiat currencies and over 30 cryptocurrencies, with the new features expanding those possibilities to traditional financial markets. Big News: #Stock and #ETF […]

Developers Fix Parity Ethereum Node Vulnerability, Urge All Node Operators to Update

05.02.2019 A bug found in the Parity node/wallet software threatened a considerable proportion of the Ethereum infrastructure. Fortunately, the company has already issued a patch to fix the vulnerability. The issue was discovered on February 3rd when Parity received several reports that attackers were able to send a specially-crafted RPC request to public Parity Ethereum […]

Singapore to Host Blockchain Life 2019, a Global Forum for Crypto Investors and Experts

28.01.2019 On April 23-24 world blockchain and cryptocurrency industry experts meet in Singapore at Blockchain Life 2019, the 3rd edition of a major crypto forum. More than 5000 participants from 70 countries are going to visit this biggest international industry event. Executives of leading blockchain companies, venture and crypto funds, traders, businessmen, private investors, promising […]

Bitcoin Investors Are Turning to Gold, Says CEO of Van Eck

28.01.2019 Jan Van Eck, CEO of Van Eck Associates, suggested that investors are now turning their attention to gold, leaving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies behind. In recent interview with CNBC, Jan Van Eck noted that Bitcoin managed to pull “a little bit of demand away from gold” in 2017, but added that data showed things […]

Mallorca Blockchain Days Inaugural Conference to Gather Prominent Crypto Experts

27.01.2019 Mallorca Blockchain, the series of Bitcoin and Blockchain meetups, has announced Mallorca Blockchain Days, its inaugural conference for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, which aims to bring those at the forefront of crypto technologies together. The ground-breaking event will take place on March 22 – 24 in Palma de Mallorca, in the legendary Pueblo Español, […]

New Bundle of Lightning Network Business Products Released by Bitfury

23.01.2019 Blockchain technology firm Bitfury has announced the release of a comprehensive suite of products designed to make the use of Lightning Network easier for vendors and consumers. These include an open-source Lightning wallet, hardware and software tools for merchants and payment processors to accept payments as well as developer tools and a public lightning […]

U.S. Presidential Candidate John McAfee Flees The Country for Alleged Tax Fraud

23.01.2019 Cryptocurrency advocate and antivirus pioneer John McAfee revealed that he had fled the country after being charged with felonies by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As McAfee explained in a video published on Tuesday, January 22, he was charged for “using cryptocurrencies in criminal acts” by Tennessee court officials. The entrepreneur added that his […]

Grayscale Investments Adds Stellar to Its Cryptocurrency Investment Portfolio

18.01.2019 Digital currency investment group Grayscale, the company behind the Bitcoin Investment Trust, announced the launch of Stellar Lumens Trust, a “single-asset investment product” which exposes investors to lumens (XLM), the native asset of the Stellar network. The newly-launched Stellar Lumens Trust is Grayscale’s ninth-single asset product. Others include its flagship Bitcoin product, as well […]