BlockchainWeekend Brought New Energy to NYC’s Tech Ecosystem

New York City was buzzing this past weekend with the inaugural BlockchainWeekend NYC 2019 (Nov 7-10). In partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) BlockchainWeekend featured projects from a wide range of NY based companies, startups, entrepreneurs with over 50 events taking place across all five boroughs. Creating a platform of decentralized […]

New York Condo Sold For $15.3 Million Paid In Bitcoin (BTC)

A New York condo was sold for $15.3 million paid Bitcoin (BTC) according to a report released by The Real Deal on November 11.  The deal was performed by the recognized developer Ben Shaoul who sold the property accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.  New York Condo Sold for $15.3 Million in BTC Although […]

The U.S. Dollar Is Risking Its Reserve Currency Status Says Mike Novogratz

Michael Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, said that if the United States doesn’t transition to a digital world things can change fast.  He went on saying that other countries such as China are way ahead in terms of fintech adoption and support and this could affect the U.S. dollar reserve status.  Is The U.S. […]

Stephen Colbert Talks About Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

In a new episode of The Late Show, its host Stephen Colbert talked about Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technology.  He said that he would rather be in a conversation with Bitcoin supporters rather than at a Trump rally.  Stephen Colbert’s Bitcoin Talk During the show, he talked about Trump’s rally in Louisiana to support the […]

MoneyGram Uses Crypto Solutions For 10% Of Its Transfers Between The U.S. And Mexico

10% of MoneyGram’s business in Mexico and the United States is powered by cryptocurrency-related technologies.  This is according to MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes, that shared this information at the Swell event organized by Ripple.  Crypto Transactions Account For 10% Of MoneyGram’s Business  Back in June this year, MoneyGram started implementing the On-Demand Liquidity solution by […]

Could A Bitcoin Price Crash Cause A Global Recession?

The CEO of the recognized secure identity ecosystem Civic Vinny Lingham said that a Bitcoin crash could cause a global recession.  Mr. Lingham said that during a conversation at the Untold Stories podcast with Charlie Shrem on November 6.  Could Bitcoin Collapse the World Economy? In a recent episode of Untold Stories, Vinny Lingham outlined […]

Tezos Surges By 33% After Coinbase Allows For XTZ Staking

Tezos (XTZ) one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the market surged by 33% after Coinbase decided to introduce XTZ staking rewards.  Users would be able to earn staking rewards on every Tezos (XTZ) they held on Coinbase. This is currently available to eligible US customers on the platform.  Tezos Surges By 33% During the […]

Charlie Lee and Whale Panda Criticize Stellar For Burning 50% of XLM Supply

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin (LTC), and Whale Panda, a recognized crypto-related figure, have criticized the Stellar Development Foundation’s decision to burn 50% of XLM’s supply.  Mr. Lee said that the XLM in the market are now more concentrated on the SDF while Whale Panda explained this decision makes XLM more prone to be […]

Brad Garlinghouse: 99% Of Cryptocurrencies Will Probably Go To Zero

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, said that 99% of cryptocurrencies will eventually go to zero.  During a recent interview with Bloomberg, he has also talked about Ripple’s expansion in the market and the problems they are solving in the ecosystem.  Most Cryptocurrencies Could Go To Zero During the conversation on November 5, Garlinghouse talked […]