CARV Protocol ($SOUL) Airdrop Guide

Key Takeaways

  • CARV Protocol is built around giving users control over their data and enabling them to earn from it.
  • Their current data-to-earn campaign is called SOUL Drop, which rewards users with $SOUL tokens for participating.

What Is CARV Protocol?

CARV Protocol is a system built around data-to-earn, meaning users can make money by contributing their data. Here are some key points about the project:

  • Earning With Data – Users connect their social media profiles and other online accounts to CARV. The platform then gathers this data, and users earn a cryptocurrency to share it. There are two ways to earn: passively from past data and actively engaging with campaigns and promotions.
  • Focus On Privacy – Users can choose what information they share and revoke access anytime.
  • Gaming Integration – The CARV Play app allows users to earn through gaming activities like beta testing and tournaments.

Overall, the project currently has over 2.2 million users and has collaborated with over 600 games.

Data To Earn Campaign

The data-to-earn campaign you can participate in is part of the CARV Protocol’s series of initiatives, including the CARV ID (your digital identity) and the .Play Name Service (for managing your online presence).

The CARV ID program lets users link Web3 wallets to manage their identity and earnings. Additionally, with the .Play Name Service, you get a unique alias for your blockchain addresses. Having a .Play domain name also qualifies you for benefits, like upcoming airdrops from the platform’s token launch.

Right now, they are giving out $SOUL tokens as rewards in their current SOUL Drop program.

How To Qualify For An Airdrop?

CARV is giving users multiple channels to grab some $SOUL during their campaign:

1st Option: Mine $SOUL in Different Chains

👉 STEP 1: Head over to

👉 STEP 2: Choose between these chains: Ronin, opBNB, zkSync, and Linea.

👉 STEP 3: Click the “Free CARV” button.

👉 STEP 4: Connect to your Web3 wallet.

👉 STEP 5: Collect rewards. 

Note: You can only claim $SOUL rewards once daily on each blockchain, allowing for a maximum of 3 daily claims. While Ronin offers gas-free mining, opBNB, zkSync, and Linea involve gas fees but potentially grant higher $SOUL rewards.

2nd Option: $SOUL Generation Through Your Data

You can participate in CARV Play’s activities, such as .Play Name Services, CARV Pass, and CARV SBT Events, or play Web3 games partnered with CARV.

3rd Option: Do $SOUL Challenges

👉 STEP 1: Click the “Start” button. 

👉 STEP 2: Answer the survey forms on the platform.

4th Option: Referral Program

Invite your friends to the $SOUL Drop Campaign and get a 10% commission bonus from their daily $SOUL mining activities.

SOUL Airdrop Via Mobile

You can claim twice the $SOUL tokens through their mobile app. It is a separate app from the website, and exclusive SOUL drop referral bonuses are waiting to be unlocked through the app.

You can download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Final Thoughts

That’s about it for this airdrop guide! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our official social media channels. Good luck!


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