Can Traditional Metaverse Cryptos Like Decentraland and the Sandbox Compete with AI Cryptos Like Raboo?

Decentraland and Sandbox are top metaverse projects backed by blockchain technology. They provide virtual realities where people can interact, work, and play. They are a hub of NFTs and can easily key into the fast-growing AI crypto world, so their native tokens – MANA and SAND, are judged to have a high earning potential. 

Raboo, on the other hand, is an upcoming project that approaches virtual interaction in a new, innovative manner. Unlike MANA and SAND, it lays massive emphasis on AI-generated content, and is expected to overshadow the metaverse crypto tokens and 100x in the future. It’s no wonder crypto investors are rushing its fast-selling presale. It has raised more than $1.2m, with tokens costing just $0.0042.

MANA’s future in doubt after prolonged lull in virtual real estate market

Being a 3D digital game-like social environment, Decentraland acts as a virtual replica of the real world, with freedom taking center stage. In this metaverse, Decentraland MANA holders can create and monetize their virtual spaces, from virtual art galleries to stadiums and marketplaces.

Decentraland had a booming virtual real estate market, where pieces of virtual reality land parcels went for millions of dollars. Today, the market is down, with just a handful of Decentraland users trading its lands. The native token, MANA, currently sits at $0.42, having experienced a sharp price drop over the last 30 days.

Sandbox price boosted by partnership with Saudi Arabia government

While Decentraland tries to replicate the real world, Sandbox is more about the gaming world. It’s an ecosystem of virtual reality games where players can create, buy, and sell NFTs and other types of digital assets.

While Sandbox doesn’t place much emphasis on AI-generated content, it is surrounded by an enthusiastic gaming community. Also, Sandbox’s recent partnership with the Saudi Arabian government to explore and advance the metaverse industry bodes well for the project.

As a result, the SAND price is up on the weekly chart, even though Sandbox has been on a steady decline in the last couple of months.

Raboo: The new king of AI cryptos

Raboo is crafted from the finest blend of cutting-edge technology, AI wizardry, and a dash of ruthless meme-hunting prowess. It takes the metaverse to a new level by utilizing SocialFi to foster an engaged and vibrant community.

What Raboo does is create a virtual space where like-minded crypto lovers can gather, interact with each other, and earn. It incentivizes participation via its periodical challenges when users are rewarded with $RABT tokens.

Even more, it leverages AI-generated content as it gives users access to NFTs generated by its proprietary AI technology. That is why analysts expect the price to grow 233% during the presale and 100x on launch day.


While Decentraland and Sandbox are popular metaverse crypto tokens, they don’t have what it takes to compete with Raboo when it comes to the leveraging of artificial intelligence. Since Raboo is still in presale, there’s a chance it will bring investors massive returns when it lists on exchanges.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.


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