Can Quant Reach $10,000? Tradecurve Is Making Early Investors Rich with Impressive ROI

Quant’s Overledger software offers the ability to connect multiple blockchains and enable interoperability. As a result, many have begun asking if Quant (QNT)  can reach $10,000 in value. However, another project has already made early investors rich. Tradecurve has supplied massive ROI for early investors. Join us as we review both projects to see how they can evolve.


  • Quant will not be able to reach $10,000 by even 2030
  • Tradecurve has already surged by 80%, with a 40% growth expected by the end of July
  • Once TCRV gets listed on Tier-1 exchanges, the Uniswap DEX, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko, it can spike by 100x

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Can Quant (QNT) Reach $10,000?

The Quant crypto is used to power the Quant Network’s Overledger software solutions. The price of QNT is at $104.80 as of July 14, 2023. In the past few years, Quant did achieve a surge in value and a high level of volatility. Many investors are now curious about Quant’s potential for growth in the coming years.

In a Quant price prediction that analysts conducted, it is estimated that the cryptocurrency can climb to $133.41 by the end of 2023. It is nearly impossible for Quant to go above $10,000 even up to 2030. The maximum value point for Quant is $1,954.64.

However, while the value growth for Quant has been slow, another project has already begun making investors rich with impressive ROI.

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How Tradecurve Made Investors Rich

Tradecurve initially began its presale phase at a value of $0.010. During Stage 4 of its presale, it climbed in value to an impressive $0.018 point.

This indicates that the historic growth for this altcoin has been by 80%. In the process, those who bought millions of TCRV tokens got solid returns on their investment. But this doesn’t end here, as the growth will move on. At Stage 5, TCRV is expected to climb by 40%. With Stage 4 being over 74% complete, investors will want to hurry and grab TCRV before the next price increase.

Key Features Behind Tradecurve

The Tradecurve hybrid exchange is an emerging player in the online trading ecosystem and offers a unique proposition by combining derivatives and crypto trading within a single platform. Users can gain access to the $753.2 billion foreign exchange markets for example.

The Tradecurve exchange has a privacy-focused approach and provides access to features like high leverage, starting at 500:1. In addition, anyone can access borderless trading with AI-driven trading bots for additional portfolio optimization.

The TCRV Price Outlook for 2023

TCRV has a high level of utility. Users can stake it to get passive income, and it can be used for governance on the platform or discounts on subscription fees. Subscriptions are required for the Copy Trader and AI bots.

As for its future, TCRV will get listed on top of Tier-1 exchanges and on the Uniswap DEX. Once it does, analysts predict the token to surge by 100x, supplying much higher ROI.

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