Boson Protocol partners with Crucible to enable brands and games to reward users with real-world items

Boson Protocol, a project using smart contracts to power real-world commerce, today announced a new partnership with Crucible, a company developing blueprints for the Open Metaverse.

This partnership will enable brands to sell NFTs in-game, which are trustlessly redeemable for real-world products and services.

Crucible believes in the inevitability of an Open Metaverse, and is working to build tools and communities to bring it to life. As part of the integration with Boson Protocol, Crucible is creating an NFT overlay that enables games and brands to offer users NFTs within games and virtual worlds.


This integration plugs Boson Protocol into Crucible’s overlay, allowing brands and games to reward or sell users in-game NFTs which can then be redeemed by players for real-world items such as merchandise and experiences, bridging the divide between the metaverse and real-world commerce. Boson Protocol enables this without human intermediaries and while minimizing arbitration, cost, and friction.

Through NFT vouchers, Boson Protocol allows for future trade commitments to be tokenized, enabling enterprises, organizations, and customers to take full advantage of the many benefits of digital decentralized technologies for the transfer and trade of physical goods.

“At its core, Boson Protocol can be conceived of as a bridge between the Metaverse and the universe, which enables smart contracts to connect to real-world commerce using decentralized infrastructure that everyone can trust and anyone can use. Our partnership with Crucible opens up a whole new world of opportunity for the gaming industry to offer physical incentives to players, enabling innovative new methods of audience engagement for this multi-billion-dollar industry. Our technology negates human intermediaries and minimizes arbitration, cost, and friction, allowing brands, games, and users to interact in such a way that facilitates the transfer of real-world items in-game.”
– Justin Banon, CEO, and Co-Founder of Boson Protocol

This is the latest in a slew of high-profile announcements for Boson, including the creation of 15 new roles, and partnerships with companies including Lead Wallet, Gather Network, and Orion Protocol.

“The advent of the Open Metaverse brings with it immense opportunities for a new creative and economic renaissance that we are beginning to see take shape with the mainstream adoption of NFTs and social tokens, and the opportunity for this technology in-game with virtual goods and skins is what Crucible has designed an interface for.”
– Ryan Gill, Co-Founder, and CEO of Crucible



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