BloodLoop ($BLS) Play-To-Airdrop Guide & Pre-Sale

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Key Takeaways

  • BloodLoop is a Web3 game on the Avalanche blockchain that is offering 1 million BLS tokens through a play-to-airdrop program.
  • Active participation is very important in this campaign, with time-sensitive quests and activities to earn points and maintain reward eligibility.
  • Potential users should assess their commitment and goals before participating in this campaign.

The play-to-airdrop program for BloodLoop, an upcoming Web3 game on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, is offering 1 million in BLS tokens up for grabs.

This article will cover what you can do to participate in the airdrop program. Plus, we will review the different ways to get BLS tokens, including pre-sale allocations.

What Is BloodLoop?

BloodLoop is a 5v5 third-person hero shooter competitive game leveraging Web3 technology.

The game is still under development, with a closed beta launched in late 2023 and a full release planned for sometime in 2025.

You can find more information on the official BloodLoop website or through their socials.

4 Ways To Get $BLS Tokens

Buying Private And Public Funding Rounds For The Initial Game Offering (IGO)

The Initial Game Offering (IGO) of BLS tokens will be launched on Seedify. To participate, you must stake at least 500 of Seedify’s native token, SFUND, which is expected to be around $2,000 at current prices. This gives you a Tier 1 allocation where you would get the lowest allocation.

Buy And Stake An S.E.M. Capsule NFT

When you stake an S.E.M. Capsule NFT, you can accumulate points daily and be airdropped BLS tokens based on a fixed exchange rate.

S.E.M. Capsule Rarity

At the time of writing, the floor price of an S.E.M. Capsule is 5.5 AVAX, which is about $300 at current prices. However, the cost is not the only thing you must consider with the NFT. First, NFT rarity matters; the higher the rarity, the more points you earn. Here’s a breakdown of the points:

Rarity 1: 100 points every 24 hours.

Rarity 2: 125 points every 24 hours.

Rarity 3: 150 points every 24 hours.

Rarity 4: 175 points every 24 hours.

Rarity 5: 200 points every 24 hours.

Rarity 6: 255 points every 24 hours.

Rarity 7: 350 points every 24 hours.


Rarity will affect the base points you earn daily, but there will be an additional multiplier. There’s a weekly bonus for the faction with the highest generated points, which right now is the Seraphic Alliance leading the scoreboard.

There are four factions inside BloodLoop’s game story, and this is just one of those factions that has the most NFT staked and got the most points. Therefore, Seraphic Alliance NFTs are worth more.


If you are staking, you must complete quests inside their Discord server. Otherwise, your points will decrease and eventually go to zero. The developers want active participation, so you cannot just stake and passively get the BLS tokens.

Referring People To The Game

You will qualify for a share of the 200,000 BLS referral reward pool. To get your referral code, you must claim your username and register on the website. By registering, users can test the game and earn BLS tokens.

For a successful referral, they need to claim their username, and then you will be credited with a successful invite. The more friends you invite, the higher the rewards. However, it is unknown how many BLS tokens you will receive or how they will factor into your rewards.

Daily Energy Mint

The Daily Energy has seven mints in total. After you complete the last energy mint, you can then mint a Battle Pass which is needed to become eligible for the play-to-airdrop program.

However, there are also Discord server quests that you need to complete to collect Sesame points. According to the BloodLoop team, you must use these Sesame points to buy weekly tickets to play in the airdrop program.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we know so far on how to qualify for the airdrop. What do you think of BloodLoop’s play-to-airdrop campaign? Is it worth your time, or will you skip this one out? Let us know on our official social media channels!


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