Blocko to support Samsung blockchain wallet dApp sourcing

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Blocko, a leading private blockchain infrastructure platform in South Korea, has today announced a strategic partnership with Samsung. Blocko is working to expand the Samsung blockchain service ecosystem.

Blocko, has been officially selected as a ‘Samsung Blockchain Wallet dApp Sourcing Partner’ using the Aergo Blockchain, which will support the following services.

  • dApp support of existing applications/services

  • Selection of various categories such as games, utilities, finance, marketplaces, and regular monitoring, inspection/management with the primary focus on DeFi

  • Samsung blockchain ecosystem expansion cooperation through rich enterprise blockchain platform and service building experience

Past initiatives such as Samsung SDS investing and partnering with Blocko to develop a blockchain, further indicate the growing bond between South Korea’s leading tech giant and private blockchain solution provider, Blocko. Blocko is deploying a wide range of enterprise blockchain technology and continues to provide support for its open-source blockchain platform, Aergo.

The startup is not only focused on private solutions, but intends on bringing DeFi to the Korean Market. Developers should be excited about both Blocko/Aergo which will bring DeFi and dApps to the Samsung Wallet

With this initiative, it will become a lot easier for blockchain developers to issue out dApps and have these applications/services listed on the official Samsung App Store.

Aergo is also set to launch its own incubate/accelerator program, to encourage developers to build dApps which are to be listed and supported by the Samsung App store.

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