BlockDAG Dev Release 29: RandomX Introduction & 5,700+ Miners Sold

BlockDAG’s Latest Dev Release Spurs $27.7M Presale Success and Mining Boom

BlockDAG has unveiled its Dev Release 29, featuring the integration of the RandomX protocol, enhancing mining fairness and security. This development coincides with significant presale achievements, including a 700% increase in coin price to $0.008 and over $27.7 million in revenue. Additionally, the rapid sale of more than 5,700 miners underscores the growing community trust and enthusiasm for BlockDAG‘s innovations.

Advances in Eco-Friendly Mining and Technology

BlockDAG combines blockchain and Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technologies to achieve fast transactions, scalability, and enhanced security. The latest presale has seen a dramatic rise in coin value, coupled with substantial sales reaching $27.7 million. Over 5,700 miners have been sold quickly, reflecting the high demand for BlockDAG’s mining solutions.

The focus on environmentally friendly mining continues with the X100 miner, which is energy-efficient and boasts a 2 TH/s hash rate while consuming only 1800W. This model is designed to be quiet and efficient, making it ideal for various settings. It’s capable of producing up to 2,000 BDAG daily, catering to both enthusiastic hobbyists and professional miners.

BlockDAG Dev Release 29: Embracing the RandomX Protocol

The introduction of the RandomX protocol in Dev Release 29 is a significant update for BlockDAG, emphasizing fairness in mining by resisting the dominance of ASIC hardware. RandomX operates on a CPU-focused Proof-of-Work algorithm that dynamically generates instructions, ensuring that mining remains accessible to a broader range of participants. The security is enhanced with sophisticated cryptographic tools like AES, Blake2, and Argon2.

This release optimizes performance specifically for BlockDAG’s structure, where transactions are vertices in a graph rather than a linear chain. The developers have provided detailed pseudocode to facilitate RandomX integration, addressing aspects from transaction selection to block verification. The update has undergone extensive security audits to ensure its robustness and includes community-driven enhancements to improve the user experience and scalability.

BlockDAG’s Continuous Innovation and Market Impact

BlockDAG’s series of Dev Releases, particularly the transformative Dev Release 29, illustrate these updates’ significant role in advancing blockchain technology. Integrating innovative protocols such as RandomX offers a deeper understanding of and engagement with new technologies. 

The success of the recent presale, marked by a surge to a $0.008 coin price and $27.7 million in collected revenues, along with over 5,700 miners sold, highlights the sustained growth and confidence in BlockDAG’s solutions. This ongoing success positions BlockDAG as a leader in the evolving blockchain landscape, paving the way for a more inclusive and secure blockchain ecosystem.

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