Blockchain node and API platform Ankr integrates Plasm Network

Ankr, a web3 infrastructure platform for deploying blockchain nodes, recently announced its latest integration with Plasm Network, a scalable Ethereum compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot.

Developers requiring on-chain data or a community member looking to support the Plasm network now have a new solution. As part of this integration, Ankr has built a one-click node hosting solution for Plasm, making it easier than ever for users to run Plasm testnet nodes.

Plasm Network’s Dusty testnet node count has reached over 200 nodes across the world.

One of Plasm Network’s primary goals is decentralization and giving an opportunity for people around the world to participate in securing Plasm Network.

Participants can help to secure the Plasm Network by becoming a validator on their Dusty testnet. Validating gives users complete control, but not everyone has the technical expertise to ensure that they’re meeting uptime and other requirements. Ankr allows for a stress-free experience through its desktop and mobile apps.

Source: Ankr


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