Blockchain Developer platform Alchemy Releases Web3 Builders AI-Powered Tools

AlchemyAI will launch an in-app chatbot and ChatGPT plugin to assist web3 developers in getting data faster and developing solutions faster.

Today, blockchain developer platform Alchemy launched AlchemyAI, a suite of AI-powered tools to let web3 developers develop products faster and access on-chain data.

AlchemyAI will have two main products: ChatWeb3 and the Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin. These products will be released in the coming weeks.

With its new AI suite, Alchemy is the latest cryptocurrency company to say it wants to use large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT on blockchains.

Because of AI, “more non-technical people will be able to get into web3,” said Arjun Patel, product manager at Alchemy. “I think that’s where web3 is going: how can we make it easier for people to get into the industry?”

ChatWeb3 is an AI chatbot that is still in test and is run by ChatGPT. Alchemy says that the tool was trained on more than 1000 Alchemy documents and other crypto resources to help Web3 writers build software faster and with less trouble.

In a blog post, Alchemy said, “With AI help, web3 developers can use a wide range of predefined code snippets, templates, and best practices, which saves time on tasks that are done over and over again.”

Alchemy product manager Elan Halpern told CoinDesk that developers can use ChatWeb3 as a pair programming partner “and say, like, ‘Hey, I’m experiencing this weird error on the chain, can you help me debug it?’”

In addition to the AI assistant that is built into the app, Alchemy built a separate tool for ChatGPT that can be found in OpenAI’s tool Marketplace. “Alchemy’s plugin lets developers and non-developers alike get real-time blockchain information through natural language using Alchemy API endpoints,” Alchemy wrote in a blog post.

At the moment, this tool can get information from a number of blockchains, such as Arbitrum, Ethereum, Polygon, and Optimism. Alchemy says that the tool will finally work with all of the chains that Alchemy can handle.


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