Blockchain app development firm Icetea Labs forms security partnership with Hacken

Icetea Labs, a Singapore-based blockchain development firm, announced today a new partnership with the blockchain security company, Hacken.

Apart from project incubation, Icetea Labs offers an advisory service and developer hub. For the partnership, Hacken will provide security audits to incubated projects of Icetea Labs.

Moreover, Icetea Labs is actively working with projects in the NFT space, a market segment in which Hacken is increasing its market share as a security auditor.

“Icetea Labs has recognized the strong expertise and experience of the Hacken team and considers our company as a perfect strategic partner. So, this partnership will allow our company to further strengthen our competitiveness in one of the most dynamic spheres of the global decentralized crypto world.”
– The Hacken Team


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