BlockCard: The Crypto Debit Card That Pays You Back!

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BlockCard is continuing to roll out new features as part of its mission to create a full service, decentralized fintech platform. The foundation of that platform is bringing real-world utility to cryptocurrency. They recently introduced crypto-back rewards to their features lineup.


The rewards are the best feature of the BlockCard to date. With the option of earning up to 6.38% back on all purchases, BlockCard offers the highest rewards of any crypto card on the market (or any traditional credit card, for that matter). The way you earn is by staking their token, TERN. The more you stake, the more you earn.

Additionally, you can connect your Apple, Google or Samsung Pay to your BlockCard for easy payments on the go. Current BlockCard users might notice that the bank account feature has just been made available on their dashboard. BlockCard is rolling out an FDIC insured checking account that makes it easy to track spending, purchase, and sell crypto and transfer money between friends.

Setting up an account is completed in just three steps: Register, Deposit Funds, Pass KYC. That’s it. And while you’re waiting for your physical card (plastic, for now, metal coming soon!), you’re issued a virtual card immediately that functions just like a regular card. And because BlockCard is partnered with VISA, when your card does arrive you can use it at any of the 46+ million merchants that accept VISA worldwide.

Whatever your crypto pleasure, BlockCard accepts thirteen cryptocurrencies (and counting) so nearly any coin you’re holding should be good to go. And when you want to share your funds, transferring crypto can be done almost instantly and sent to anyone with an email address, even if they don’t have a BlockCard account. No more wire or ACH transfers. You can even load funds onto your account at any participating partner retailer, such as Walmart, CVS, and 7-Eleven. Those funds can then be withdrawn at any ATM.

While currently available to residents in the United States, a European is planned for release in 31 EU countries sometime in 2020. So while you wait for Starbucks to start accepting Bitcoin, do the next best thing, and get BlockCard.


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