Bitzlato – The New Era Of Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Nowadays, interest in p2p cryptocurrency exchange is growing and this can be explained by different factors. First of all, the transaction itself is much easier and faster comparing to ones made through trading platforms. Secondly, the choice of methods of deposit, trade, and withdrawal is much wider and much more convenient for both traders and clients. Thirdly, privacy and anonymity – these two factors used to be fundamental for cryptocurrencies in general but today governments are creating new limitations and requirements so platforms have to deanonymize their users and p2p is the last vestige of freedom in the world of crypto exchange. Last but not least, p2p exchange platforms create unique ‘personal’ relationships between a trader and clients what is impossible to imagine on trading platforms.

The best example of a modern, user-friendly, and advantageous p2p platform is Bitzlato. It was established in 2013 in Russia by a group of engineers who got involved with a pioneer industry that had not been widely known. Bitzlato was engaged in the making of mining equipment, own data centers in different countries, equipment hosting, and cloud mining.

In 2016 the new product was introduced, and it was a brand-new generation of p2p platforms. Originally it was based on Telegram-bot – After initial success, Bitzlato decided to launch the next 5 bots, supporting Ethereum, LTC, Dash, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dogeсoin exchange. In the summer of 2018 the service got its Web-version that was fully integrated with Telegram-bots. After 5 years Bitzlato managed to attract almost 2,000,000 users, the total cumulative trade volume accounts for almost 100,000 BTC and currently Bitzlato is one of the market leaders in terms of trade volume in Russia with having more than 30% of the exchange market. Daily turnover of the platform constitutes around $1,000,000 and the count of daily active users varies from 12,000 to 15,000 clients.

As was said in the first paragraph, anonymity is one of the bottom lines of the idea of cryptocurrencies and it is constantly under assault from governmental regulations. Today even the majority of p2p platforms require their user to submit their personal information to the service but not Bitzlato! The company respects the right for anonymity of every single user and despite having an opportunity to verify your account they never force you to do so and never put any limits on unverified accounts.

The second major advantage of p2p Bitzlato is that it has 0% fees on trades by ads and one of the lowest fees for traders – only 0,5%! Moreover, Bitzlato provides permanent promotions like “Weekends without fees” which means that on Saturdays and Sundays trade will be free of charge for both parties! Another popular promotion is “Wednesday — the voucher day” — if you complete a deal on any amount on Wednesday you get a voucher for a free withdrawal of the cryptocurrency that you can use whenever you want to.

The third benefit for users is the ability to have passive income via Bitzlato’s affiliate program which allows you to get up to 90% of the fees from a deal of your affiliates. Reasonable point to invite your friends and colleagues to the platform.

Last but not least is Bitzlato’s Telegram bot. Despite having web-version, you can use Telegram messenger for faster and easier access to your trades. Simple and friendly UI and UX allow you to control all your investments anytime and anyplace easily and faster than ever. For more comfortable usage Bitzlato fully integrates it’s Telegram-bot with Web-version so users don’t have to duplicate their trading offers and transfer their funds from one account to another — once you do it in Telegram — it appears in Web-version and vice versa.

Bitzlato – is a company that never stops its development. Besides p2p the company has recently created its own trading platform with other supporting services. Under development, there are such products as Payment Gateway, P2P Loans, and, of course, a mobile app that will increase the usability of p2p exchange and other products.

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Also, the company is looking for expanding to the new markets and is looking for beneficial partnerships with traders who are interested in becoming Bitzlato’s brand ambassadors at their home markets.

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