Bittensor and Theta Network Join Crypto Losers List! New AI Crypto Raboo Up 40%

The Crypto markets are on fire, and there are profits across the board. Across the board? Well, not quite. Several coins are on the losers list, with many tokens qualifying as crypto losers through trading at figures way lower than their ATHs in a market where storing contenders trade close to their ATHs.  Bittensor and Theta Network joined the losers list, but the new AI crypto Raboo is making the winner’s circle with its ongoing presale offering.

Bittensor (TAO): Fast-Growing AI Crypto Loses Investor Confidence

Launched in March 2023, Bittensor came onto the scene as a pure AI crypto with the aim of creating a market for artificial intelligence. Bittensor did absolutely nothing for most of the year when it came out of nowhere and ruled the headlines, riding on the coattails of the mass adoption of GPT. Bittensor spiked from less than $85 to north of $730 between November and March.

And then it ended. Bittensor lost 50% of its value in 6 weeks, joining the crypto losers list. Unless Bittensor finds a way to make its comeback, it’ll be relegated to the footnotes of crypto history.

Theta Network (THETA): Streaming Blockchain Fails To Gain Traction

Theta Network was designed to put video on the blockchain. Considering the amount of video consumed per day, this was a great idea, and Theta Network went from less than 4 cents to over $13. But it did not last, and Theta network saw a steady decline from 2021 until January this year, when it saw a slight resurgence.

Crypto losers are defined as any coin trading at 50% or below its all-time high, and right now, despite its 160% year-to-date figures, Theta Network is trading at 86% below its ATH. Can Theta Network make a turnaround? Maybe. But there are faster horses than Theta Network in which to invest.

Raboo ($RABT): New AI Crypto For A New Era Of Cryptocurrency

There’s a new player in town in the form of a new AI crypto called Raboo.  Raboo brands itself as a meme coin, but it’s so much more than that. Raboo can be staked for passive income, and it also features an NFT marketplace, but the crown jewel in Raboo’s crown is its AI engine.

Raboo is setting a new benchmark by integrating AI into its core functionality. This turbo-charged AI engine plays a role in enhancing user experience as well as streamlining the platform’s operational efficiency. It’s all about the memes! Dank memes rule the internet, and AI is playing its part – but the underpinning value lies in digital artwork.

And before anyone scoffs at NFTs as worthless: the NFT market is worth $74 billion.

Raboo is the coin for the future, a new AI crypto that has already secured over 2,000 token holders and over 7,000 subscribers.


Theta Network and Bittensor are now firmly in the crypto losers camp, but where there are losers, there must be winners. A big winner now is the new AI crypto token Raboo. With over $1.5 million in liquidity gained since the presale started, Raboo is the token investors trust to take their money to the stars! Raboo is now available at $0.0042.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.


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