Bitmain Releases New Liquid-Cooled Bitcoin Mining ASIC

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of mining equipment released a new Antminer S19 + Hyd liquid-cooled computing machine with a power of 198 TH/s.

The new ASIC Antminer S19+ Hyd has 40% more processing power than the previous S19 XP model. The energy efficiency of the machine is 27.5 joules per terahash and the power consumption is 5445 watts. For comparison, the previous Antminer model, S19 XP, has a power of 140 TH/s, energy efficiency (at 25°C) of 21.5 J/TH and consumes about 3010 watts.

The new liquid-cooled Antiminer S19+ Hyd model is designed for use with the Bitmain Antspace HK3 mining container. However, as the HK3 container has a capacity of 210 units, the minimum miner quantity should be 190 units. Thus, this new computing machine is not designed for small and medium miners.

Liquid cooling is gaining popularity as an alternative cooling solution for computing mining rigs. Instead of air cooling, mining machines are immersed in a liquid-based on a synthetic hydrocarbon compound, which does not have electrical conductivity and is completely biodegradable.

This specialized fluid can reduce heat, power consumption, and noise from computers, as well as extend the life of machines, allowing miners to maximize profits in an increasingly competitive market.

The cost of the new Antminer is not indicated. Shipment of orders is expected from May to September 2022.


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