Bitgert Coin: The Dark Horse of Cryptocurrencies Post Bitcoin Halving

The impending Bitcoin halving presents a critical moment for Bitgert Coin since it portends potential market performance and investor interest.

Hopefully, when such great changes take place in Bitcoin, there will certainly be ripple effects across the cryptocurrency spectrum. Bitgert investors must keep an eye on the developments.

Decoding Bitgert Halving

Bitcoin halving is the term used to describe the hardwired process into Bitcoin chain: the halving of a mining reward for a new block every four years, more or less. This is a part of the consensus rules in Bitcoin: it forces an absolute hard cap on the total supply of bitcoins, limited to 21 million. Accordingly, the mining reward determined by the protocol started at 50 bitcoins per block. After the earliest 2012 halving, this reward was cut to 25 bitcoins, and it has halved afterward every four years.

The halving is done to control the rate at which new bitcoins enter the system, much like how only a controlled amount of some metals and other precious items, like gold and silver, were made available to the market at given times. This diminishing supply schedule highlights the scarcity of Bitcoin and may serve to drive up its value, so long as demand remains at current levels or rises. This predictable supply decrease is substantive, as it impacts the profitability of miners, which is a substantial factor in the security and decentralization of the network.

What is Bitgert Coin?

Bitgert (BRISE) is a multi-chain-based project. In other words, it gives its blockchain, which provides audited crypto wallets, swaps, and exchanges for staking. The team achieved the following developments impressively within just 200 days of their launch. For this aim, Bitgert token incentivizes holders by staking rewards in BUSD and has the function of buying back to make price growth and scarcity happen.

Currently, Bitgert tokens can be traded on various platforms – PancakeSwap (v2) being the most actively used of them all. The trading volume of Bitgert recorded in the last 24 hours: was $1,909,865. Such indicates that in recent days there was a little down in market activity. While BRISE is currently trading 14.12% down from its all-time high, registered in March 2022, the coin has seen a great run from its all-time low, calling attention to the volatility but potentially rewarding investment. The market cap of Bitgert is $66,121,173, and the fully diluted valuation being slightly higher at $71,364,123.

This difference illustrates potential market growth if all tokens were to be issued, indicating long-term prospects. Surely, Bitgert would see a big push amidst Bitcoin halving, which usually arouses growing interest and prices in the crypto market.

Can Bitgert Ride the Halving Wave?

In short, it is expected that Bitgert and all the Bitgert-timed nascent coins will be able to scale in this upcoming time. Although Bitgert tends to be the most innovative of them all due to the utility-centric, future-driven ecosystem it has. If expectations of significant profits with Bitgert persist, an investor of reason should look at review platforms regarding the market dynamics before deciding to buy in.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.


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