Binance (BNB) Or Ripple (XRP) – Which One Is Better? Smart Investors Go For Everlodge (ELDG)

As the bears are in a stronger position in the crypto world, projects like Binance (BNB) and Ripple (XRP) have suffered severe losses in recent weeks. Therefore, investors have started shifting towards Everlodge, a new project with enormous profitability.

According to experts, the project’s value can rise by 3,000% in the coming weeks.

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Binance (BNB) Ends P2P Support For Sanctioned Russian Banks

Binance (BNB) has decided to drop support for P2P (peer-to-peer) payments from five sanctioned Russian banks. Binance (BNB) has announced this decision following last week’s reports, which claimed that the exchange did not implement international sanctions against Russian banks.

Notably, Binance (BNB) is already in a challenging situation in the United States. Recently, MasterCard and Visa ended their partnerships with Binance (BNB) in South America. This, according to experts, can turn out to be a severe blow to Binance (BNB). Meanwhile, the price trajectory of Binance (BNB) was 11% downward in the past month. As a result, the current trading price of Binance (BNB) has come down to $216.05.

Ripple’s (XRP) Adoption Increases But Price Falls

The ecosystem of XRP has been expanding due to the increased adoption of the Ripple network. In the latest event, Western Union, a global money transfer giant, has decided to integrate the blockchain technology of Ripple (XRP).

Notably, several other financial giants and entities, including the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, have partnered with Ripple (XRP). Meanwhile, Ripple’s (XRP) popularity has received another positive push.

Recently, Ripple (XRP) secured a place in the list of “100 Companies Who Care For Employees And Society,” published by People’s Magazine. However, Ripple’s (XRP) price is still discouraging investors, as it has fallen by 28% in the past month. Subsequently, the current trading value of Ripple (XRP) has come down to $0.514.

Everlodge (ELDG) Stirs Market With Presale Boom

A research report has forecasted that the global real estate market will surge to about $3,976 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 7.6%. Thus, a new blockchain platform, Everlodge, is ready to disrupt this growing industry. It is a first-of-its-kind blockchain platform enabling people to own luxury villas, holiday homes, and hotels for as low as $100.

The platform will follow a simple and transparent roadmap. In this first step, it will collaborate with famous hotel chains, and real estate developers to add quality properties to its ecosystem. Thereafter, it will mint NFTs against real-world vacation properties. Next, the platform will fractionalize the NFTs to enable people to purchase them in smaller numbers. Moreover, the value of the NFTs will be directly related to real estate properties. Therefore, these NFTs’ price is bound to grow over time.

One of the most striking features is that the users can join the Rewards Club. Interestingly, the club members will get free stays in all properties, and hotels associated with the platform. Moreover, investors can obtain a loan by using their NFTs as collateral.

ELDG will serve as the platform’s native cryptocurrency, and will offer a plethora of benefits. The platform is undergoing the first stage of its presale, and the price of a token currently is $0.012. Also, the token’s value will become $0.016 in the next phase. Moreover, experts have predicted that the token’s market price may skyrocket by 280% before the end of the presale round.

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