ApeCoin Community Collaborates With Horizen Labs To Develop ApeChain On Arbitrum

In an exciting development for the decentralized ApeCoin community, Horizen Labs has stepped in to support the construction of the ApeChain network using Arbitrum technology.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone as ApeCoin DAO leverages Arbitrum’s technology stack to bring ApeChain to life.

Utilizing Arbitrum’s innovative technology, ApeCoin DAO aims to develop ApeChain as a robust network powered by AnyTrust technology, with APE serving as both the gas and governance token.

The community will also have the opportunity to explore upcoming features such as Stylus and BoLD, further enhancing the functionality and utility of the ecosystem.

The decision to build ApeChain on Arbitrum underscores the platform’s growing prominence within the gaming community. With support from Horizen Labs, the ApeCoin community is poised to create an immersive gaming experience on ApeChain, contributing to Arbitrum’s diverse gaming ecosystem.

Horizen Labs With Arbitrum And OffChainLabs To Release ApeChain Roadmap

Horizen Labs, in collaboration with Arbitrum and OffChainLabs, is actively working on releasing an official ApeChain roadmap. This roadmap will outline key milestones and initiatives, including the implementation of $APE as an OFT powered by LayerZero_Labs.

Additionally, Horizen Labs is engaging with web3 gaming projects interested in launching on ApeChain, fostering partnerships and collaboration within the gaming industry.

Furthermore, Horizen Labs is reaching out to YugaLabs and other key contributors within the Ape ecosystem to ensure alignment and collaboration in the development and expansion of ApeChain.

In the market, the ApeCoin token ($APE) has demonstrated positive momentum, gaining 3% today and 16% over the past week. This upward trend reflects growing confidence and interest in the ApeCoin ecosystem and its future prospects within the cryptocurrency and gaming communities.

Overall, the collaboration between the ApeCoin community and Horizen Labs represents a significant step forward in the development of ApeChain, highlighting the potential for innovation and growth within the decentralized gaming space.

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