Antpool Takes Lead Over Foundry in Bitcoin Mining Race for November

Antpool has recently taken a significant step forward in the dynamic world of Bitcoin mining. Foundry USA, a major mining pool, has been leading the pack with the highest hashrate for quite some time. However, in a surprising turn of events this November, Antpool has just nudged ahead of Foundry.

In November, the Bitcoin mining community saw 4,436 blocks being mined. Out of these, Antpool was responsible for mining an impressive 1,218 blocks. This achievement means that Antpool contributed 27.46% to the global hashrate for the month.

This recent development marks a notable change in the mining landscape. Antpool’s rise to the top is particularly evident in a recent three-day period, where 427 blocks were mined. Antpool mined 126 of these, while Foundry mined 114. This puts Antpool’s three-day average hashrate at 29.51%, compared to Foundry’s 26.70%.

By the end of November, Antpool’s total block count stood at 1,218, accounting for 27.46% of all blocks mined in the month. Foundry was a close second, mining 1,216 blocks, roughly 27.41% of the total. Interestingly, Antpool was also responsible for mining 12 16 empty blocks during this time. However, in the overall lifetime ranking, Antpool still sits behind F2pool regarding total blocks mined.

F2pool has mined 82,410 blocks, making up 10.06% of all blocks. Antpool, on the other hand, has mined 79,990 blocks, which is 9.76% of the total. Foundry, despite its recent dominance, has mined a total of 30,684 blocks, or 3.75% of all blocks, placing it behind other mining pools like, Braiins, Viabtc, and the no-longer-active Btc Guild.

Looking at the last year, Foundry had a clear lead, mining 16,335 out of 53,811 blocks, contributing to 30.36% of the year’s total mining. Antpool, in comparison, discovered 12,041 blocks, which is 22.38% of the total. These two outpaced the year’s third-largest pool, F2pool, which mined 7,316 blocks or 13.60% of the year’s total. This shift in the leaderboard showcases the ever-changing and competitive nature of Bitcoin mining.


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