Altcoin Picks: Bitgert, Floki Inu, and PepeFork Among the Top 3 Coins to Buy Now

While arguments over whether or not the crypto bull run is here continue, savvy investors are already maximizing the current craze in the crypto space. As for any bull run, altcoins are always top gainers. Therefore, that experts tip Bitgert, Floki Inu, and PepeFork as the top 3 coins to buy speaks volumes. 

What are the reasons behind these altcoin picks? Are recent developments favoring a surge for each coin? What do the charts say? Keep reading to find out!

Floki Inu (FLOKI) Gains Traction Following Token Burn

Floki Inu experienced an upswing in value recently, thanks to its recent token burning. With FLOKI’s value set at $0.0002336, Floki Inu is a top investors’ pick. Its recent price activity and positive chart pointers suggest the optimistic prospect of the altcoin. 

With Floki Inu gaining continuous traction thanks to the project’s strategic moves and thriving community backing, expert investors anticipate the token shaking up the crypto market in 2024. The recent uptick and potential for further gains prove Floki Inu is set for massive growth alongside other altcoins like PepeFork and Bitgert.

PepeFork (PORK) Records an Approximate 75% Jump

Like Bitgert and Floki Inu, PepeFork (PORK) is another rising altcoin. CoinMarketCap reports that the PepeFork price soared from $0.0000003804 to $0.0000005227 in less than a month. This period also saw the altcoin’s market cap jump from $123M to $189M.

According to PepeFork’s technical analysis, the signs are bullish as it trades above its daily Exponential Moving Averages of 10 and 21. Market analysts predict a bullish future for PepeFork’s price, considering its 15/30 (50%) green trading days. PepeFork is expected to reach $0.000001 before Q3 2024.

Bitgert (BRISE) Offers Unique Value and Profit Potential

Introducing Bitgert (BRISE), a blockchain project and deflationary token seeking to increase crypto adoption by offering user-friendly products. These products are available and valuable to both experienced crypto enthusiasts and normies. This value proposition explains why Bitgert (BRISE) has maintained a bullish climb since its introduction in July 2021. 

Combining security and decentralization, Bitgert intends to regulate the demand and supply for its native token, BRISE, through an ingenious minting and burning strategy. This strategy provides the price stability other coins lack.

Also, with Bitgert’s focus on technological utilities to drive its token to incredible heights, investors find Bitgert to be a more reliable long-term asset than others. Moreover, Bitgert will soon start trading on Binance alongside other popular altcoins following the Binance Futures latest update.


Bitgert, Floki Inu, and PepeFork are giving top coins a tough run. However, experts believe that, with time, Bitgert’s innovative nature will propel a meteoric rise over these other altcoins. With Bitgert’s drive for broader crypto adoption and its ROI potential, the best time to buy Bitgert (BRISE) is now!

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