Alpha Finance Lab partners with EPNS bringing better notification system to Alpha Homora users

Alpha Finance Lab, an ecosystem of interoperable DeFi products, today announced it has partnered with Ethereum Push Notifications Services (EPNS) on a pilot program; in which the EPNS team will build a notification system for Alpha Homora product.

Built on Ethereum, Alpha Homora ​​​​​​is a protocol for leveraging positions in yield farming pools. ETH lenders can earn high interest on ETH, and yield farmers can get even higher farming APY from taking on leveraged positions on yield farming.

This notification system will allow Alpha Homora users to easily monitor their positions, be notified when there is any change to their position status (e.g. coming close to liquidation risk, at liquidation risk, etc.), and manage their positions promptly.

Alpha Homora Ecosystem Roadmap

  1. Upcoming V2 relaunch
  2. New features and functionalities with V2 relaunch
  3. Various partners and integrations
  4. Multiple DeFi projects building on top of Alpha Homora

“As we continue to launch and incubate more innovative DeFi products that capture market gaps in the key pillars of the financial system, we will continue to put our users as a top priority. Through educating our users about risks with Alpha Homora design language and working with EPNS to build tools that allow our users to use the products better and safer, Alpha Finance Lab will continue to innovate in DeFi with a long-term mindset.”
– The Alpha Finance Lab Team


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