6 Warning Signs to Identify a Counterfeited Online Casino

Online casinos are very trending nowadays. Players who play online casino games enjoy a lot of facilities in terms of easy accessibility, comfort zone, and wide range of game selection. People engage themselves a lot in these kinds of online casino games and find it a good time to pass. 

As we all know, these are internet-based games. There might be a possibility of many scammers and digital predators stealing the identity and money of the player playing online casino games. Hence, the players should be wise enough to select a good website to play such games online. Many fraudulent cases are coming up in the online casino gaming industry, so the amblers should be careful and wise with their money.

Selecting reliable best online casinos real money is not an arduous task. You can easily detect a website as fraudulent just by carefully paying attention to the website’s red flags and trademarks. This article will tell you about six warning signs that can help you identify any suspicious website so that you don’t get cheated. 

  • Extremely Generous Bonuses

To promote their respective online casinos, almost all of them provide the players with different types of bonuses and offers to attract more and more gamblers. Let us consider an example for better understanding. An online casino might offer a $1 deposit from the gamblers in return to play online casino games freely without any other hidden charges for another five days. With these types of offers, the gamblers feel enticed towards these casinos and engage themselves in them. But such platforms which give away such generous offers are a scene of too good to be true. These could be malevolent platforms. So as advice, it would help if you did not accept any offer or welcome bonuses given by such online casinos. 

  • A Casino Business Without Any Information

Whenever we go to any website, we look for a section called ‘About Us,’ which gives relevant information and data of the website and the company operating the website. Any fraudulent online casino would never upload any vital information about itself. It may cause harm to themselves by their near future sufferers. They provide the many gamblers with very little or no information at all about themselves. They tend to keep themselves camouflaged from the rest of the world so that no one can locate them. If you become one of the victims of such online casinos, it will be very hard for you to find any suitable or worthy information about the malicious casino. 

  • Operating Without License

Every country has its regulatory institution that provides licenses to the online casino industries to operate in the market. Any legal online casino, which has got all the licenses approved, showcases them on their websites which is a major sign of the trustworthiness of any online casino. On seeing those approved licenses by the relevant institution, the gamblers get an assurance that the online website on which they shall play the games is legal and authorized. On the other hand, a counterfeited online casino would never highlight its license on its professional website as they don’t possess one. This shows that the casino wants to keep its identity hidden and eventually becomes a matter of suspicion. 

  • Missing Customer Helpline: Phone, Chat, Email

Any online legal website will have a customer support helpline feature. It is a prime feature that any website would possess. How the customers can seek support from the professionals or the website operators can be more than one. These are:

  1. Live chat with agents of the website
  2. Chat Boxes in the website itself
  3. Email address
  4. The contact number of any operator or customer support agent

Any malicious online casino site would never upload any customer support helpline as there might be a possibility of the gamblers locating their location. It is recommended that if, as a player, you do not find any customer support system on the preferred website, do not go for it. 

5. No Return-to-Player Information

A modern-day online casino that is legal and safe to prove its genuinity shall showcase the RTP percentage in their official sites. It is a trademark that ensures the players understand the games and know the winning odds of any game. An expected percentage of wagers shows how much return the player would get from any specific game that they play shortly. Any safe online casino would upload the same on their website to get well familiarized with the pattern and winning odds. On the contrary, a counterfeited online casino will never show its RTP on its official website and keep it hidden from the players. 

6. Lack of Multiple Payment Options 

Payment options are another ground for any player distinguishing between a safe and secured online casino and a fraudulent casino. Any online casino which is reliable and genuine enough will provide its players with multiple payment options like credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, eBanking, and even cryptocurrencies. But in the case of any illegal online casino, they only provide the gamblers with one payment method. The names mentioned as account holders are generally fake names and irrelevant addresses. They tend to keep their identity hidden from the players, not to locate their actual profiles. So, you need to keep an eye out for anything like that and make sure you abstain from such sites as much as possible. We promise; it will help you whenever in need.

Online gambling is any gambling done over the Internet. It shall include Poker, online casino games, and sports betting. We are moving forward with the generation, and we can see that online gaming sites are becoming very popular. There is also a certain amount of risk involved while playing these online casino games. Players should be well versed with the odds and payouts of the games they are playing before betting their money. It will help them know the level of risk they are taking while playing.

People should be well aware of the fraudulent cases that are increasing in the market. Players should also carefully check on the online casino site keeping the above points in mind and then go for playing any game on that particular site.

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