31 Best Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) In 2020

1 Binance DEX
binance dex Trade 0.1%
(In BNB tokens 0.04%) Multiple Coins and Tokens Goto Exchange 2 IDEX
IDEX 0.2% taker and 0.1% maker ERC20 Tokens Goto Exchange 3 Vite DEX
vite dex 0.1%(staking 10,000 VITE)
0.2% ( if no staking)
Full Fee Details BTC, ETH, VITE, USDT Goto Exchange 4 OpenLedger trading fee of 0.2% Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, EOS, XRP DASH etc.(100+) Goto Exchange 5 Waves DEX
waves dex $0.01 (0.003 WAVES) per order Waves, BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Monero etc (70+) Goto Exchnage 6 Altcoin.io
altxoinio <.25% BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, NEM, ADA, USDT, EOS many more Goto Exchange 7 NASH
Nash stake Nash tokens in return as share of exchange fees Multiple coins + cross chain Goto Exchange 8 Switcheo
switcheo Small Fee ETH, EOS, NEO Tokens Goto Exchange 9 Shapeshift
shapeshift Depends on coin swap Any to Any (Large Number of Coins) Goto Exchange 10 Bancor DEX
bancor exchnage GAS Price 90+ Tokens Goto Exchange 11 DDEX
ddex 0.2% maker fee, 0.2% taker fee WETH, ETH, XYO, BNB, BAT, KIN, oX, HT, etc(90+) Goto Exchange 12 Oasis Direct
oasis direct No Registration, No Fees ETH, DAI, MKR Goto Exchange 13 BISQ
bisq Depend on Order Size BTC, ETH, XMR, DASH, LTC, PIVX, SC Goto Exchange 14 Crypto Bridge
cryptobridge 0.2% 200+ Tokens Goto Exchange 15 Ether Delta
Etherdelata 0.0003 ETH Huge List of Tokens Goto Exchange 16 Fork Delta
fork delta 0.0003 ETH Huge List of Tokens Goto Exchange 17 Stellar Port
stellarport 0.00001 XLM XLM, RMT, XRP. BTC, SLT, XRP, BCH, REPO, OMG, oX etc (20+) Goto Exchange 18 Stellar Term
steller term Trading is free XLM, RMT, BTC, SLT, XRP, BCH, REPO, etc (10+) Goto Exchange 19 0X
350px-0xcoin No Fee Multiple Tokens Goto Exchange 20 Airswap
airswap Trading is free ETH Tokens Goto Exchange 21 XCP DEX
xcpdex Trading is free Multiple Tokens Goto Exchange 22 Kyber Network
kyber-logo Unknown Multiple Tokens Goto Exchange 23 Radar Relay
radar dex No Fee (Only GAS cost) WETH, ZRX, OMG, REQ, SNT, FUN CVC etc Goto Exchange 24 TRX Market
TRXMarket No Fee TRC tokens: GOC, BET, FUN Goto Exchange 25 ethfinex 0.25% ERC20 tokens Goto Exchange 26 Paradex
paradex No Fee BNB, SNT, WETH, ZXC, CVC, HT, KNC other ERC20 Goto Exchange 27 SparkDex
31 Best Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) In 2020 1 0.20% BitCNY, Bitcoin, Bitshares, Ethereum,
Sparkdex.AUD, Sparkdex.EUR, Stable.PHP,
Zeph etc Goto Exchange 28 Blocknet
blocknet dex Low fee, Free withdrawal,
Free listing Block, BTC, ETH, DASH etc. Goto Exchange 29 McafeeDex
mcafee dex 0.25% ETH-based token (ERC-20) Goto Exchange 30 ChangeHero
changehero 0.5% All major coins Goto Exchange 31 AtomicDEX
atomic-dex 0.33% Multiple Coins and Tokens Goto Exchange

Via: https://coinfunda.com

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