Ethereum Whales Execute Strategic Moves Amid Market Dip, Monitor These Transfers

As cryptocurrency markets experience a dip today, Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency, has seen a decline of over 4%, currently trading around $2,541. Despite this downturn, recent on-chain data from Spotonchain highlights significant activity involving an Ethereum whale. An Ethereum whale recently executed a substantial move, transferring approximately 12,070 ETH to Coinbase, one of the […]

TokenFi Achieves Milestone With Over 350 Million Tokens Locked In Staking Program

TokenFi, the native token associated with TokenFi’s tokenization protocol, has reached a significant achievement by having more than 350 million TokenFi tokens locked through the platform’s staking initiative.  Over 350M TokenFi Tokens Locked Up To 4 Years Over 350 million #TokenFi / $TOKEN tokens have been locked up in the TokenFi staking program for a […]

Vanguard Denies Access to Bitcoin ETFs

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Nano ($XNO) Outshines Bitcoin Spot ETFs in Social Media Activity, Gains Popularity

In a surprising turn of events, the term “nano” took the spotlight on social media platforms, surpassing words associated with Bitcoin spot ETFs in popularity, according to Santiment data from January 11 to January 12.  Despite being the 271st ranked cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $160.88 million, Nano ($XNO) exhibited resilience and notable social […]

Optimism Propels Crypto Public Goods Funding With Third RetroPGF Round

Optimism, a community-owned ecosystem, aims to address coordination failures and reshape value distribution by rewarding positive impact through participation, collaboration, and collective ownership—areas where traditional systems often fall short. In a significant move, Optimism recently unveiled the third round of its RetroPGF incentive program, allocating 30 million OP tokens (equivalent to 116 million USD) to […]