FrontFanz Is Taking Over the Web3 Scene by Storm

Creators today face many complex challenges. From problematic and fickle algorithms and overly aggressive, subjective censorship to shadow banning, chargebacks, delayed payments, and de-platforming. Indeed, it’s become evident that Web2 platforms aren’t equipped to offer fair conditions to content creators. Enter FrontFanz, a Web3 censorless platform built for creators by creators. Essentially removing third-party involvement, […]

Top 3 Microstrategy Bitcoin Things You Should Know to Understand Michael Saylor’s Strategy

We have many times heard about Microstrategy Bitcoin purchases and the strategy that Michael Saylor is currently following in order to expand Bitcoin’s influence around the world. Microstrategy became one of the largest Bitcoin holders in the world and has taken a very strong position defending the largest cryptocurrency in the world.  Microstrategy Bitcoin’s strategy […]

Ethereum (ETH) to Transition to PoS As on September 19

Ethereum Foundation developers have already settled the date for the much-awaited transition from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). This is something that required many years of planning and development. Now, the Ethereum network is expected to become faster, more reliable, and more useful for users. Ethereum Ready to Move on as a […]

What Kinds of Marketing Techniques Are Being Used by the Sports Betting Industry?

As the number of states that allow sports betting increases, more and more businesses are vying for a piece of this exploding pie. Providing freebies or advertising on the internet doesn’t appear to be enough in the face of so much competition. Operators need to step up their marketing efforts if they want to succeed. […]

Following Record-Setting Sacrifice, Genius (GENI) Has Launched on Beta Testnet

South Florida-based cryptocurrency architect Robert Genito soft-launched the product Genius Smart Financial Contract and corresponding Genius token (GENI) on July 12, 2022. Despite recent market challenges, GENI has managed to set multiple records with a month-long sacrifice event that saw over $110 million in activity. To date, this is the largest sacrifice event outside of […]