Filing a Lawsuit Using NFTs and Blockchain Now Possible in the UK

Like in most countries where civil disputes are handled through court proceedings and many legal documents, England and Wales have progressed faster when serving legal documents in paper form. Previously, English courts have used social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to serve documents. However, a UK judge has recently approved using NFTs or […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum Prices Show Significant Upside After Sideways Trading

After a relatively mellow week of sideways trading and cryptocurrency prices managing to hold support despite mounting bearish momentum, the global crypto market is up over 5% today, with the overall capitalization at over $930 billion at the time of writing. Bitcoin is up over 5% trading above $20k, while Ethereum and Solana prices soar […]

Latin Americans Are the Most Bullish About Cryptocurrencies

A new report from Ripple shows that Latin Americans prefer businesses to accept cryptocurrencies rather than other types of payments. This is a trend that can be seen in some countries that have adopted virtual currencies to store money, save, and process payments. The information, that was released by Ripple in a recent report, shows […]

How to Trade Indices?

Several investors are searching for different ways to trade indices and improve their strategies when they gain exposure to the markets. But how to trade indices? Are they traded in the same way as equities and other financial instruments? The short answer is yes. You can trade indices using your local broker as long as […]

Chainlaysis Reports Crypto Mixing Activities Continue to Grow

Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency mixers continue to offer solutions and services to users. According to the blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, Bitcoin mixers have registered an all-time high usage as people try to protect their privacy. The report released a few days ago explains that cybercriminals contribute a significant volume to these mixing services.  Chainalysis Reports […]

Bitwells Exchange Launches 777 BTC Giveaway for Derivatives Traders

Victoria, Seychelles, 15th July, 2022, Chainwire Bitwells, the leading crypto derivatives exchange, has launched a 100% deposit match for new signups. The programme will reward traders who deposit up to 10 BTC with a corresponding bonus amount. A total of 777 BTC has been set aside in a funding pool and allocated for the promotion. […]

Quantum Generation and Plato to deploy a space-based quantum network by 2027

Quantum Generation (QG), a space-based decentralized banking, exchange, data storage, and social platform, announced today with Plato, an open intelligence repository and platform that curate’s the latest data intelligence, that the two teams will deploy a decentralized space-based quantum network by 2027. The Qubit Blockchain from Quantum Generation was the first testing node launched to […]

Cryptocurrency Explained – How Can It Be Used?

Cryptocurrency is often viewed purely as an investment vehicle. With the surge in Bitcoin over the years, many investors have become millionaires in a few short years. It’s easy to forget that cryptocurrency utility increases with every passing year. Let’s go into some ways you can use different cryptocurrencies as a utility vehicle and a […]