Stablecoins No Longer Stable – DEI Loses Its Peg, Falls Below $0.4

Imagine waking up and finding out that you’ve lost over 60% of your supposed savings. Last month, Investors lost more than 99% of their savings in the UST-LUNA collapse, which shook the entire Crypto space. Over $800 million worth of cryptocurrency long positions were liquidated in one day. This is due to the selloff caused […]

European exchange Bitvavo links with Mercury Redstone to allow easy access to crypto indices

Bitvavo, a European crypto exchange company, has announced a new partnership with Mercury Redstone, an Amsterdam-based digital asset management firm specializing in index investing. This collaboration will allow Bitvavo users to automate crypto investment strategies from the safety of their Bitvavo accounts. Partnership: Mercury Redstone + Bitvavo Mercury Redstone offers users the ability to invest […]

Dutch bitcoin exchange BL3P confirms support for Lightning Network

BL3P, a bitcoin exchange based in the Netherlands, has now confirmed that following its new trade engine launch, it also has integrated Lightning. Soon to be live, Lightning is currently only available for internal purposes, but BL3P has provided a sneak preview of how Lightning works on the exchange. “Behind the scenes, we continuously work […]

EGO.COM – An Iconic Cardano NFT Project is Gaining Momentum, a Cardano-based NFT services provider with an iconic name, has been making rounds within the NFT space. This up-and-coming project with a promise to facilitate a “Digital Renaissance in art” is quickly gaining a “crypto gem” reputation in the current bear market., a decentralized creative realm for artists and collectors, is quickly gaining […]

Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $20 Million Market Cap (June 2022)

Bitcoin and Ethereum are holding support relatively well this week as BTC hovers above $31k, and ETH is inching towards $2k. Metaverse Crypto coins remain some of the most popular projects in crypto for those looking for significant gains during the next bull run. There are dozens of Metaverse and NFT projects on the markets, […]

Terra Luna Price Faces Bearish Pressure as Binance Completes Airdrop

Cryptocurrency markets are slowing down their bullish price action, which started on Monday. While Bitcoin and Ethereum stabilize, BTC is holding firm above $31k, and ETH is approaching the $2k level. Unfortunately, Terra Luna’s price suffered significantly today as it dropped by over 20%, currently trading at $7.28 after briefly peaking above $10 yesterday. Binance […]

Decent Labs introduces solution for developers to manage DAOs: Fractal

Decent Labs, a Web3 accelerator and venture studio, has launched a new product called Fractal on mainnet, a turnkey solution for developers to utilize in building, funding, governing, and scaling the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) of the future. DAOs overcome the flaws of traditional organizations but lack the infrastructure and standardization that enables them to scale. […]

Can Volatility in Crypto Prices Cause Severe Mental Health Issues?

Cryptocurrency markets have been quite volatile since November of 2021. With the prices of various cryptocurrencies rising drastically over Q4 2021 and continuing their bearish momentum for the first half of 2022, there’s no doubt that the volatility has impacted traders’ mental health. However, while most traders and investors can survive a slow and painful […]