Cardano NFT Disruptor – EGO.COM Enters the Game

Aspiring artists esteemed collectors, and NFT junkies – it’s time to let your ego shine! – a decentralized creative realm for artists and collectors – is going LIVE on May 25.  Led by a team of artists, art dealers, and DeFi professionals, is harnessing the power of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology to bring […]

Tether’s USDt now live on Polygon network

Tether, the company operating the blockchain-enabled stablecoin platform, announced it has now launched the Tether token (USDt) on Polygon (formerly MATIC), the Ethereum blockchain scaling and development platform. The addition of Tether to the Polygon ecosystem is a milestone moment as it offers a new stablecoin option for more than 8,000 teams building on Polygon. […]

Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $4 Million Market Cap (May 2022)

Metaverse and NFT crypto coins remain among the most popular options for traders in 2022. Even with the recent bear market over the past couple of months, Metaverse crypto coins are some of the best long-term opportunities for those looking to capitalize on the next bull run in cryptocurrency. Today we look at our pick […]

How Hard Is It to Prevent Frauds and Detect Suspicious Activity?

Since the jump online, financial institutions and their patrons have been victims of cybercriminals. In fact, financial organizations and all types of businesses can be susceptible to fraud. Fraud can take many different forms, but it can be split into three main types: misappropriation of assets, bribery, and false statements on financial statements. Although this […]