Cryptocurrency Insurance: How to Protect Your Crypto

One of the biggest criticisms you’ll hear about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is how risky it is.  Still, if you got in early enough, chances are that you have made a pretty penny in the markets. Now that you have made some significant gains in the cryptocurrency markets, what will be your next move? It […]

NFT & Blockchain powered MOBA game, Kitsumon Announces Successful Presale

LONDON, UK, 16th February, 2022, Chainwire Kitsumon has today announced their successful INO pre-sale results which occurred between Monday 10th January 2022 to Wednesday 9th February of 2022, taking place over a variety of highly rated and respectable launchpads, including CyberFi, YAY Games, 0xBull, Synapse, GameStation, NFTStars and Swappable. During the pre-sale a total of […]

Evervault launches new service to keep crypto wallet seed phrases secure

Evervault, a provider of the tools developers need to build encrypted apps, has released a new service that stores seed phrases for crypto wallets using its enterprise-grade encryption. The service aids in preventing the problems of hackers attempting to steal crypto and users misplacing crucial information. 12:18:24 (pronounced “twelve, eighteen, twenty-four”), named after the most […]

The Impact of Social Media and Marketing on Cryptocurrencies

Social media networks and marketing campaigns have had a large impact on the cryptocurrency market. We have seen a large number of projects being released and promoting their solutions using different marketing and social media campaigns. Are investors conscious of the impact that social media and marketing have on different blockchain-related projects?  Social Media Marketing […]

ARK blockchain set to introduce new web version of its wallet app Payvo

ARK, a fully customizable blockchain framework with TypeScript, announced today that a new version of Payvo, its cryptocurrency wallet app for ARK-based blockchains will soon be launched. One of the main differences is a transition from a desktop app to a completely web-based application. Currently, the ARK team plans for the public beta version to […]

Why the Rich and Successful Prioritize their Sleep

What do Serena Williams, Tim Cook, and Jeff Bezos all have in common?  They all understand the importance of getting 7 or more hours of sleep every night.  As Bezos says, “8 hours of sleep makes a big difference for me… that’s the needed amount to feel energized and excited.”  Scientists agree: a good night’s […]

NFT Novatars on Times Square Billboard

These days NY Times Square is witnessing another NFT invasion: this time from the trendiest NFT avatar drop The Novatar. 💥 Novatars on @TimesSquareNYC 💥 🚀 First-ever technologically advanced avatars that will grow up on the blockchain are now the trend!!! 😎 🧨 Keep up with NFT revolution with @TwitterBlue & Novatar! 🔥#thenovatar #nft #nftpfp […]

How a Girl Bought for Valentines day A Mythical NFT That Went Viral

London, United Kingdom, 16th February, 2022, Chainwire Some of the most common gifts on Valentine’s Day are chocolates, cakes, balloons & jewellery in some cases. People try to be unique & creative while expressing their love. Most people hadn’t even heard of NFTs this time last year. NFTs took the art world by storm in […]

Banger Games to Build The 1st Blockchain Based Gaming Hub

Madrid, Spain, 16th February, 2022, Banger Games, a startup set to open new possibilities for empowering gamers, has raised €10 million to become the first gaming hub that – regardless of game, publisher, or platform – aggregates players’ gaming experiences, organizes and informs, while adding a second layer of rewards based on in-game and community […]