Top 3 Metaverse Coins Gaining The Most Price Today (RACEX, DDL, SIP)

This week crypto markets continued to struggle with bearish momentum. On the bright side, Metaverse crypto coins are holding support well, and some are seeing significant price gains. This article looks at the top three Metaverse crypto coins gaining the most price today, ordered by 24-hour growth, lowest to highest. 3. RaceX (RACEX) +15.85% Launched […]

Why Asphalt Recycling?

What is asphalt? Considered a very sustainable and 100% renewable material on our planet, asphalt is a material obtained through the distillation of crude oil. Also called bitumen this material is usually composed of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. It is a useful construction resource due to its qualities, such as its overall strength and resistance […]

Russian Ministry of Finance opposes national Central Bank and proposes new crypto regulation

The Russian Ministry of Finance proposed to make transactions through the banking infrastructure, obliging the participants to undergo identification and open crypto wallets through banks. Key provisions of the concept are as follows: make transactions with cryptocurrencies through the banking infrastructure, identify holders of crypto wallets, open crypto wallets through Russian banks, open access to […]

Skillz Joins Tezos Ecosystem as a Corporate Baker Using Scaleway Cloud

Paris, France, 27th January, 2022, Today, SkillZ, the European leader in Staking-as-a-Service, has formally announced that it has expanded its involvement within the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate baker. By officially becoming a baker, SkillZ will now validate transactions and add them to the Tezos blockchain. SkillZ joins the growing number of global enterprises electing […]

BitMEX Academy Launches with Vision to Raise the Bar for Crypto Education

MAHE, Seychelles, 27th January, 2022, Chainwire Crypto investment platform BitMEX today announced the launch of BitMEX Academy, a multimedia crypto education platform which will offer a new way to learn about crypto for beginner and expert traders alike.  BitMEX Academy will bring together the greatest minds in the industry to share knowledge on cryptocurrency, blockchain […]

This Recently Released Metaverse Crypto Coin Gained Over 500% Today (SWD)

With the crypto markets trading sideways this week, some Metaverse crypto coins manage to see significant price gains. While many Metaverse crypto coins saw double-digit percent price increases today, one project, in particular, gained over 500% today! Let’s look at Crypto Sword and its token SWD and see why the price is rising so much. […]

Top 5 Crypto Metaverse Coins Below $0.001 to Watch in 2022

Metaverse Crypto coins continue to outperform other projects in the space, and many investors are looking to accumulate relatively unknown and undervalued projects. Some of the most popular Metaverse crypto coins among new investors are low market cap, and low unit prices coins since they have a high potential to see significant price gains. In […]