Blockchain security company Hacken deepens partnership with DeFi insurance protocol InsurAce

Hacken, a blockchain and cybersecurity consulting ecosystem, has today announced along with InsurAce, a decentralized insurance protocol, a partnership that will see InsurAce refer clients to Hacken for security auditing and bug bounties while Hacken will be referring protocols to InsurAce for coverage purposes. The two teams will also collaborate on Hacken’s site to […]

SEC chairman: bitcoin competes with US banking system

Bitcoin was created as an alternative to the US monetary system and threatens the global financial consensus, said the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler called bitcoin a competitor to the US banking system and the global financial consensus. “We layered over our […]

NFT network Enjin grows Efinity platform with 70+ partners amidst Polkadot parachain bid

Enjin, a decentralized platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), today announced over 70 ecosystem partners have committed to building the decentralized Metaverse on Efinity, a decentralized, self-governed, and self-sustaining blockchain for NFTs, featuring full interoperability with other networks via the Polkadot Paratoken standard being developed by Enjin as part of the Efinity stack. In a competitive first […]

The future of AR advertising – Fragma Metaverse

Popular social networks currently retain almost the entire portion of advertising revenues, while the content creators receive close to nothing, like all other users who develop these social networks and make them popular  Imagine a world in which watching a news feed or posting a photo of your breakfast will be profitable. Everything you have […]

Solajump, the first play-to-win NFT game on Solana, sets out to revive short gaming

Valais, Switzerland, 1st December, 2021, Solajump, the world’s first play-to-win short game based on Solana blockchain, is thrilled to bring back the fun of classic short games. Developed by Kokeshi Academy Nerd 148 Studios, it uses NFTs to revolutionize the world of short gaming with its play-to-win model. Short games are fun, easy to play, […]

ESG DeFi, the next Trillion Dollar Asset Class

We’ve witnessed an avalanche of investment into crypto over the last two years thanks to the introduction of DeFi. Despite lingering high energy consumption and negative environmental impact narratives that aren’t necessarily untrue, $ millions have continued to pour into what seems like a never-ending cycle of DeFi products that offer lucrative returns on crypto […]

Chainlink oracle network integrated into smart contract platform Moonriver

Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot, has now announced the mainnet integration of Chainlink Price Feeds on Moonriver. Developers can now leverage Chainlink’s oracle functionality on Moonriver to build DeFi smart contracts using external data resources and off-chain computations—all without leaving the Kusama ecosystem. Moonriver is a parachain on the Kusama network and […]