1INCH Grand Giveaway on WazirX [Participate and Win]

2020 has witnessed an economic downfall but it has also seen a surge in the blockchain community especially in the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. Contactless and cashless transactions have boosted, online crypto trading has come to the forefront, and there has been a radical development of innovations and increased liquidity in the decentralized sector. DEX (decentralized exchange) aggregators are one such innovation.

So, what are DEX aggregators? DEX aggregators are user-friendly cryptocurrency trading exchanges that facilitate liquidity even for small token-holders and provide the best price available in the market for crypto trading pairs. Traders can take advantage of the big liquidity pools and are highly beneficial for large trades. 1INCH is a DEX aggregator and was launched in May 2019.

About 1INCH

1INCH network was launched by Anton Bukov and Sergej Kunz. As of January 2021, 1INCH has raised 155 million dollars per day. So, how does 1INCH work? 1 INCH uses an advanced algorithm to swap your token among 33 different liquidity protocols to find the cheapest price to trade. Furthermore, AMM (Automated Market Maker) increases the LP (liquidity provider) rewards and also powers the 1INCH liquidity protocol known as Mooniswap. Another important feature of 1INCH is ‘Instant Governance’ where stakeholders like LPs take part in the decision-making process. 1INCH token is an ERC20 token and the official token of the platform.

1INCH Announces Grand Token Giveaway on WazirX

On Thursday 25th March, 1INCH is listing its token giveaway on the WazirX platform. There will be a host of activities where traders can trade, buy, or sell 1INCH on the USD or INR market and win exciting prizes. Users can deposit or withdraw 1INCH tokens from their WazirX wallet.

Program Listing

AMA with Sergej Kunz

On 26th March 1INCH will be hosting a live AMA session with Sergej Kunz. He is the co-founder of the 1 NCH network. In part 1, questions will be crowdsourced from the 1INCH Twitter group. The top 10 questions will get a cash prize of $100. In the second part, the group will be unmuted for 10 minutes, and participants can ask live questions to Sergej Kunz. The top 5 live questions will get $50 cash prizes. 

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon

  • Date – 30th March, Tuesday and 1st April, Thursday
  • Time – 9 AM, IST

Test your trading skills and participate in this amazing trading marathon and win cash prizes. The contest starts on 30th March at 9 AM and will go non-stop till 1st April. Winners will be decided based on their volume of trade for the entire 48-hour duration in the contest. Total cash prizes are INR 9,46,000 worth 1INCH. To participate, the minimum volume of trade is 15.91 1INCH (INR 5,000).

WazirX giving away ₹9,46,000 worth 1INCH in Highest Trader Kaun Marathon!

Quiz Contest

WazirX is organizing a fun quiz contest. To take part, join the WazirX Telegram group at https://t.me/wazirx_discuss. A total of 10 questions will be asked and you have to guess the correct answer and get a chance to win cash prizes worth $10 to $50. 

Trivia Contest

Do you follow the 1INCH network regularly and have access to all the latest news? WazirX is giving you an excellent opportunity to test your knowledge and win 1INCH coins. To participate, follow the WazirX Instagram account. On 31st March, WazirX will share 5 questions on their Instagram story and you have to give the correct answer. For every correct answer, there will be a giveaway of 2.43 1INCH.

1INCH Facts

  • Trading price of 1INCH during the last 24 hours – $4.12 US dollars
  • Total supply of 1INCH tokens – 1,500,000,000
  • 1INCH total global market capital – $628,370,989 US dollars
  • Total trading volume in the last 24 hours – $148,219,614
  •  Circulating supply of 1INCH coins – 149,176,224

Via: https://coinfunda.com

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